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Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy.

Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

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Q: Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?
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Does homeowners insurance cover slashed tires?

NO. Homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for automobiles. That's what auto insurance is for.

Does home owners ins cover car tires slashed in driveway?

Homeowners insurance does not cover automobile nor there parts.

If my tires were to be slashed how long can i wait to report it to the cops?

You may not be able to get anywhere with the police if you were just threatened to have your tires slashed. If your tires were actually slashed, and you saw or filmed the person who did it, then you should report it as soon as it happens.

My tires were slashed while i was at work-my car parked on company property-does the company cover this-my car insurance doesn't?

mah dik big

Why is Tim shepards gang looking for dally?

Tim Shepherd is looking for Dally in Chapter 2 because someone slashed the tires on his car, and Tim's brother Curly "spotted Dally doing it".

Why did the bikers slashed Lien SUV tires?

Because they slashing Lien SUV tires so the driver won't get away.

How do you make a claim to Continental for damaged tires?

Make the claim with the dealer that sold you the tires.

What is the best way to go about replacing 4 slashed tires or filling up all 4 tires when someone has let all the air out?

As for slashed tires you probably would need a tow to a tire store, but if the air is let out a portable 12 volt air compressor that plugs into your cigarette lighter would do nicely. Call LES SCHWAB!!!!!!!!!!

Can you claim gas expenses on your taxes?

It depends weather you are using your vehicle for business, if so yes you can also claim new tires, repairs, and you use to be able to claim your tags/insurance... Don't know if they except that anymore though.

What wheels can fit 2001 4.0 Oldsmobile aurora my low profile tires were slashed and i am trying to find replacement factory wheels and tires to fit till i can get new tires.?

the one for the car are 235/55r17

Which companies claim to sell tires for less?

There are many companies that claim to sell tires for lower prices than the competitive market. Companies such as American Omni claim to sell these low priced tires for automobiles.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an automobile do to a hurricane that was in an attached garage at the time the damage was incurred?

The car must have its own comprehensive insurance coverage for this type of a loss. The only exception is for car parts that are not attached to the vehicle at the time of the loss - such as stored tires and wheels.