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Q: Do phoebe and cole get back together?
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Do Cole and Phoebe ever get back together after cole comes back?

NO, NEVER!!! Cole dies because Phoebe finally realises he's going to kill the sisters and he comes back to life. But Phoebe doesn't go back to him. She keeps trying to kill him but theese other demons cast a evil spell to make sure he never dies, he even trys to kill himself but he cant EVER DIE!!!

In Charmed Who killed Cole in Season 5?

Cole went into another world where he and Phoebe are still together. But even though he loved her she diddent love him. Paige from the real world came and helped Phoebe and Piper kill him.

Does phoebe from charmed get married?

Phoebe from Charmed was married to Cole in the series.

Is cheryl Cole back with Ashley Cole in 2012?

No they are not together.

Where phoebe and cole lovers in real life?


Are Cole and Phoebe from charmed really married?

Of course not, silly

What episode of charmed does prue and cole kiss?

There isn't an episode where Prue & Cole kiss. Prue is basically repulsed by Cole & Cole & Phoebe are madly in love.

What episode of Charmed do Phoebe and Cole get married?

Marry go around

What is the last episode of charmed?

the very last episode of Charmed season 3 is a battle between the charmed ones and Shax. What happens is the world finds out that the sisters are witches and then a person who thinks shes a witch, Alice, shoots Piper because the Charmed ones won't let her join their coven and because Leo is in the underworld with Phoebe he can not hear prue's call. So piper dies in hospital. Phoebe is in the underworld because she is telling cole that they need tempus so they can reverse time so the world doesn't know that they're witches. Cole tells her that he can not bring tempus back from the dead only the source can do that. Cole goes and talks to the source and he says that he will only bring tempus back if phoebe joins the dark side. Cole tells him that she would never do that and then the source says will she do it to bring back one of her sisters? Cole tells phoebe this and then lo goes to check if what the source says is true and he finds piper dead he goes back to phoebe and cole and tells them what happen phoebe joins the dark side and Time is reversed back to when prue and piper are both badly injured. the elders only let Leo heal one the sisters so he choses piper of course and prue dies for good. that's what happens at the end of the third season and somehow phoebe comes back to the good side but i don't know how they don't say.

Phoebe and Joey couple in Friends ever get together?

No. They kissed twice during the series and phoebe said that they end up together in the future. But like many of phoebe's predictions, this one will not happen because phoebe is married to mike

Who is phoebe dating on charmed?

She dates a lot of people mortals and Cole and the Cupid was her true love

Are Cheryl Cole and Ashley getting back together 2011?

No announcements of their reconciliation have been made.