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Q: Do people drink more than they pee?
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Why do old people pee a lot?

they can drink more

How does lager dehydrate a person?

Alcohol is adiuretic. You will pee more than you drink.

Why do you pee more at night and more than you drink?

It is because all the body system is at rest.

Why do old people pee more?

if people pee more that means they drink liquids or in puberty you will pee in your pants but you wont know if you have to pee but if you are a girl don't worry it won't happen because it is only on males so me :*( that means i am sad

Is something wrong with you if your pee turnes darker?

When your pee is darker it means it's more concentrated so you need to drink more water, the more water you drink the lighter your pee will be and the less smelly too.

What are some really facts?

An interesting fact is that; when you drink more juice your pee turns into a darker yellow. If you drink more water your pee is a lighter yellow.

why people have pee?

cuz u drink water

Did Marilyn Manson make people drink his pee?


What happens if you drink more than 64oz of water per day?

u hav 2 pee real bad

Is it safe to drink pee after boil it?

Pee is mostly water but it does contain disolved salts which the body needs to dispose of. You can drink pee; people trapped in caves etc have avoided dying of thirst by drinking their own urine and other people do it for "fun." As pee is essentially sterile there is no need to boil it to kill germs. Boiling it would remove some of the water therefore making it more concentrated and potentially more harmful.

When you are cold and you are peeing to much?

I'm sorry but what do you mean by this question... If what you mean is "When you are cold do you pee more" the answer is no. It doesn't matter the weather. Whats important is the amount of liquids you drink through out the day. If you drink too much liquids the possibility is that you will pee much more than usual.

How do you make yourself pee a lot?

What a stupid question. To urinate more, drink more