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Depending on where you are (I can only speak for the U.S.), there may be no restriction on how long insurance has to act on a claim. Some states to have a statutory limit for responding to a claim (for example, ten working days) and others, like Florida, do not. They allow market forces, such as auto repairers and customers, to force action. In most states, the funny part is, you have a statutory limit on how long you have to FILE a claim. Quaint, isn't it?

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Q: Do insurance companies have a time limit when investigating an auto accident?
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How long does a car accident stay on your insurance record in Wisconsin?

Insurance records are kept by private companies, not by the governmnent. There is no time limit for the storage of this type of data.

What is limitations clause?

Through Limit clause, Insurance companies, fix the higher limit of claims. The claim limit can be fixed for per accident , per person , per year or for a specific peril.

What are the requirements on reporting an accident to insurance company if it is not your fault?

Most companies do not require you to report the accident to your own insurance company, but if you later find out the person did not have valid insurance or the other insurance company refuses to pay and then you later have to file a claim on your policy, it will slow down the claim process. Plus, each state has a statute on the time limit you have to file a claim and want it to be covered.

When is it wise not to report to insurance company?

never, even in the case the accident falls under a certain limit you should report the accident to allow your insurance company to protect you and itself.

Settling an accident claim from injuries?

It is not wise to call your insurance company first after you are hurt from an accident, You have to understand that insurance companies are for profits and they may try to limit your recovery. It is wiser for you to call an attorney first to work on your behalf and take care of your best interests. Get a more understanding about this by checking the link below. -- You go through your insurance company and if necessary through the court.

What is Time limit to report accident in PA?

Assuming only your vehicle was damaged and no one was hurt and you are asking about the time limit to report the accident to your insurance company. Then: The time limit or rather the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania to report damage to your auto in the form of a claim to your insurance company is 2 years. After that the insurance company can and will deny your claim and you will have to pay out of pocket to have it fixed.

Can you drive in Pennsylvania without insurance?

No. You must at least have liability insurance bodily injury liability limit of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident, and $5,000 property damage limit.

When does auto insurance cover the cost of a lawsuit?

If you are sued in relation to an auto accident, the insurance company will pay for your defense as well as the damages up to the limit of your coverage. The defense costs are in addition to your damage limit.

Will homeowner's insurance normally cover a property damage claim which exceeds the liability coverage limit from a car accident?


What is the time limit for submitting the employers report on an industrial accident?

The time limit for submitting the employers report on an industrial accident can vary from state to state. Your companies human resource department can help you find the laws for your state.

What are the functions of insurance companies?

What an insurance company does is to take the risk of loss and by spreading the risk they limit the exposure and therefore reduce the cost. By taking the risk of loss from lots of people they use the law of large numbers and reduce the cost to individuals. By insuring lots of people and taking premiums from many they are able to pay any claims to a few. This is how insurance companies are able to spread the risk. This spreading of the risk works basically the same for all types of insurance and all type of loss. In life insurance for example the companies use actuarial tables to calculate the risk of loss (chance of dying) and therefore come up with the premiums.

Is your insurance still valid if you have an accident and over the drink limit?

Yup. Your rates are going to go way up though.