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Most insurance companies consider the blown tire as a comprehensive claim. Make sure of this by asking the adjuster at the beginning of the claim. If you lost control and hit something then it probably would be a collision. A blown tire that just has damage to the fender well you could probably get them to treat as a comprehensive.

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Q: Do insurance companies consider a blown tire a collision?
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They wont cover it with a regular HO(Home owners) Policy, you wound need to buy and endorsement.

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It could lead to it indirectly, but it won't be a direct cause.

Will the insurance company pay for your blown up car?

Depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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An exclusion gives a condition for which an insurance policy does not cover. You may have homeowners insurance. It may exclude damage to vehicles. You would need to have a separate insurance policy on your car. If a hurricane came and the roof was blown off your house and your car was blown away. Your homeowners would pay for your roof but not your car. If you have collision insurance, it would pay for your car. Your homeowners would have an exclusion clause excluding your car.

Are you liable for damage caused by wind blown trampoline?

If you had an unsecured piece of exercise or more aptly recreational equipment such as a trampoline you could be held liable for the damages.Trampolines are considered one of the most dangerous toys a home owner could ever own. They result in the highest proportional incidence of injuries resulting in Death. Paralysis and Critical injury of any yard recreation device known.Almost every home insurance policy written in any country in the world including the United States will exclude coverage for any claims of property damage, injury or liability of any kind resulting from the ownership of a trampoline.Most insurance companies perform an precursory home inspection at policy issuance. Generally, if a trampoline is noted on the property, the Home Insurance Policy is cancelled right away. Most insurance companies will consider a Trampoline on the property an unacceptable risk.So, although you may very well be personally liable for damages and injuries, It is not likely a homeowners insurance policy will cover the loss.

When a neighbor fence is blown down and both neighbors turn it in to insurance do both get paid by their insurance company and how should the bill be split?

No, That's illegal and a felony criminal act. If it is your neighbors fence and you filed a claim, you would be committing insurance fraud.

Do you have to tear off a roof if it's an insurance claim?

This is a broad question as it does not outline the extensiveness of the damage to the roof. If there is only a section damaged or a handful of shingles are blown off, the insurance company will not 'give' you enough money to cover a tear off of your roof. If you choose to proceed with a 'tear off', make sure you research the process and cost. There are some companies who will increase their quote if they think you do not understand the pricing structure.

Will your insurance have to pay for tiles hitting next doors roof?

No, not unless you threw them at the neighbors house. Assuming that you mean't "wind Blown Tiles", No one is liable for acts of Mother Nature and to date, she does not carry insurance.

How do you tell if a motor is blown?

Your answers will vary on this, however I do not consider a motor "blown" unless it has a hole in it caused by an explosion or internal malfunction such as a rod thrown through the engine block, or if it has over heated ( extreamly ) and warped the engine. if the engine is not fixable I say its blown. Some others will call it blown if just the headgaskets are blown or maybe if the engine jumped timing. These are fixable and even if an engine piston rod is broke but has not injured the block it also can be fixed. each Mechanic has their own opinion on what is called blown, some will call it blown just because they don't want to work on that model. Get a second opinion always !

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