Do insurance agents make a good salary?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Most of the people who enter the business will fail. There is no salary though some companies will subsidize agents for a short period of time. If one does make it, the pay depends on many factors. On average, after 20 years, my observations are those that stick around make $70,000-150,000 per year. I have been fortunate and stay at the higher end of that, however I have seen countless people try and fail. My advise is if you have a PASSION for the power of insurance products and the benefits they bring, like helping people and are VERY honest, this is a great high paying career. Join NAIFA asap if you are serious about making it.

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Q: Do insurance agents make a good salary?
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Should You get Insurance agents?

I think you should get insurance agents because they are very helpful and can make insurance a lot easier to manage. If you do not have an agent insurance is harder to get.

What are Independent Auto Insurance Agents licensed for?

They are independent insurance agents that work with other insurance companies to make sure your auto insurance is the best it can be, even if that means moving to another insurance company.

How are insurance agents compensated?

Insurance agents are paid commissions on the policies they sell to customers. In other words, they earn money when they make a sale.

How much money do aviation insurance angents make?

Aviation insurance agents are paid a flat salary as well as commission. Pay is determined by experience and the company. Salaries usually start at around 30,000 with commission rates of five percent.

How much an hour does an insurance agent make?

Having worked for an insurance agent, it is important to note that most insurance agents are paid based on a commission scale that relates directly to the amount of insurance premium they collect, not based on an hourly wage. That of course may depend on which company the agent works for, and whether or not they are an independent agent. Because the salary is based directly on the amount of insurance premium collected by the agent, it can be very difficult to determine an average salary for an agent. Usually salaries range from 35000 to well over 100000 per year, again depending on the size of the agents book of business.

What do insurance agents earen?

Answer That really just depends on the agent. You can make anywhere from zero per year up to 200,000 or more per year depending on the type of insurance you sell and how good your marketing and sales skills are. There's really no limit. It just depends on your own abilities. The highest earning Insurance agents tend to specialize. they are called mono line agents. .

Where can you find private health insurance?

Private health insurance can be purchased through individual insurance agents or through websites that provide quotes. Whichever route you go, make sure to read up on insurance and make your own decisions. I've added a link to a helpful site. Good luck.

Do real estate brokers make base salary and commission?

Brokers make a percentage of what they sell or what their agents (if any) sell.

Can you use the word salary in a sentence?

I make a good salary at the company. What salary are you asking for?

How much does a North Carolina ALE agent make?

Starting salary is around 36,000. Agents make between 36 and 60k.

Writing a insurance company to request the value of a life insurance?

Why write when you can make a phone call. Call the insurance company, your agent or your agents office and ask them.

What does a good insurance salesman make per year?

According to 2002 stats from the U.S. Department of Labor, the highest-earning 10 percent of insurance sales agents made more than $101,460. The median was about $40,000.