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They speed up.

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Q: Do gas particles speed up or slow down when heated?
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When somthing is heated how does it cool down?

when something is heated the particles are moving very fast and then has it cools down (and heat releases into the air) particles begin to slow down, which means theyre cooling down.

What happens to a fluids viscosity when it is heated?

the particles move alot faster, but when there cold they start to slow down

Will particles slow down if you add heat to them?

No. Actually they would speed up.

What happens to the speed of particles when freezing occurs?

When molecules freeze the rate of speed they go at tends to slow down

What causes particles to slow down and contract?

what causes particles to slow down and contract

How does removing heat from a material change the motion of it's particles?

the particles slow down. hope this helps! :)

Does sublimation particles slow down or speed up?

During sublimation, particles will speed up. Sublimation is the transition of a substance to go from a solid to a gas without going through the liquid phase.

What happens to the density of a heated iron block?

The density will decrease because the heated metal contracts and its particles slow down.

When an object increases in temperature do the particles speed up or slow down?

They speed up. Heat is actually molecular motion. Absolute zero (−459.67°F) is the temperature where the particles have no motion at all.

Does heating slow down the motion or particles?

No heating something up actually does the opposite, when a substance is heated the particles begin moving faster and this leads to change of state from solid to liquid to gas.

Why does a gass expand when heated and contract when cooled?

When a gas is heated up, the particles within the gas start to move faster, going farther apart (expansion). When a gas is cooled, the particles slow down and it starts to condense (contract), and if cooled enough, into a liquid.

Why do Slow down and slow up mean the same?

I think you mean slow down and speed up. slow down =slow, speed up=fast