Do feet stop growing

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Eventually they do when you reach a certain age where you stop growing.....So YES feet do stop growing! EVENTUALLY!

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Q: Do feet stop growing
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How can you make your feet stop growing?

you can not make your feet stop growing only until you are 18

When will my feet stop growing?

Your feet normally stop growing when you are between sixteen and eighteen years old.

Do Feet ever stop growing?

they say after 18 for female you feet stop growing, im 19 and my feet has remained a 4.5 since i was in 8th grade so i think m,y feet have stopped growing

Do human feet stop growing?


What age do your feet stop growing at?

Feet stop growing when your're about 20. If your short they will probably be small.If you're tall your feet might be big.And also if you're fat your feet will be big.

At what age do your feet nose and ears stop growing?


When will your feet stop growing you?

OK, well you can't REALLY stop your feet from growing. However in China many years ago the woman used to make their feet small by bounding them. This is where they tape there feet really tight and it used to push all the bones inwards. Apparently it was very painful and causes alot of difficulties later in life. Its not the best idea to stop your feet from growing so keep them the way they are. bye

When does the growth plate stop growing in the foot?

Your feet never stop growing, they carry on even after your dead. So does your hair, nose and ears.

How big can feet grow?

It truly depends on your history. I have a friend who's feet are 13 in men's. So feet never stop and neither do your ears and nose. Never stop growing.

How do you stop feet from growing?

footbinding I would NOT recommend stopping your feet from growing. I stopped my feet from growing starting at age 12. I did it by wearing shoes that were 2 sizes too small and I was in pain EVERY day because of it. Once I knew my feet stopped growing, I started wearing shoes that were comfortable around the age of 17. I am now 25 and I have HORRIBLE foot pain. I also have pain in my ankles and heels. I think what I did was stupid and I will probably pay for it for the rest of my life. DO NOT STOP YOUR FEET FROM GROWING!!

When will my feet stop growing I am a male 19 years old 5'9 and i wear a size 9 to size 11?

They have probably stopped growing. Most people's height, size of hands & feet stop growing when they finish puberty. At your age, if they grew any bigger it wouldn't be very much.

How old are boys on average before their feet stop growing?

Boys feel will typically stop growing a little after adolescence, which should be around the age of 18-21. However, your feet can still grow in width according to how much weight you gain.