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No, Not a single one of them.

There is no legal requirement in the U.S.A. for homeowners insurance.

If there is still a mortgage on the home though, insurance is almost certainly required by the mortgage contract, but this is a contractual obligation, not a legal requirement.

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Q: Do all states require a homeowner to carry homeowners insurance even afer a house is paid off?
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Can you buy the amount of homeowner insurance you want?

Insured Property ValuationIn the united States there are two valuations that can be used to purchase your homeowners insurance coverage. ACV (Actual Cash Value) or RC (Replacement Value). If you are wanting to insure just the amount you we on a finance or mortgage note, That would be called mortgage insurance, not homeowners insurance..

Does homeowners cover water damage from a leaky roof?

In most states, homeowner's insurance does not cover water damage from a leaky roof. Water damage is generally covered under a separate policy called flood insurance.

Do you need insurance on ATVs?

Most states do require insurance on ATV's. If you ride the ATV off of your own land, then it would not be covered by homeowner's insurance. If you ride it on public roads at all, then you are definitely required to get insurance.

Is contents insurance in the United Kingdom similar to homeowners insurance in the United States?

"Yes, you are correct contents insurance in the United Kingdom is what we call homeowners insurance in the United States. It is more like a renters insurance."

Which states offer perpetual homeowners' policies?

All 50 states offer perpetual homeowners' insurance policies. Perpetual insurance is an insurance policy that doesn't have a set expiration date.

Does State Farm sell homeowners insurance?

"State Farm does indeed offer homeowners insurance. They also offer car insurance, renter's insurance, and a variety of other services to most states in the United States."

Do you Need Homeowners Insurance if your House is Paid Off?

A source of confusion for many people who have made their last mortgage payment and now own their home free and clear is whether or not they need to continue to carry homeowner insurance. Most States do not require homeowners to carry insurance on their house, while all mortgage lenders do. Once you receive the Title to your home, you are the official owner of that home. It makes no sense to give up your homeowner insurance just because it is not mandatory. While you can save a few dollars by canceling your policy, if you do so, you are needlessly exposing yourself to great risk either from damage to your home or liability for any injuries that may happen on your property.

Does homeowners insurance cover asbestos abatement?

No. All homeowners insurance polices in the United States have language that specifically excludes coverage for Asbestos Abatement.

Are there any states that do not require Liability Insurance?

No, all states require liability insurance for drivers. There are some states, however, which only require the bare minimum.

Which US states require auto insurance?

All of the 50 states in the U.S. require some type of insurance. Some states only require minimum liability while some states require a certain amount of bodily injury insurance.

Does a homeowners insurance policy have to have the name of the current owners on the policy?

Yes, of course. The current owners on the policy have to pay for the insurance policy, This is why this policy states that it is a homeowners policy.

Which states do not require liability coverage for auto insurance?

All states either require insurance or proof of financial responsiblity.