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Most people who have anemia do not feel cold. Most people who feel cold do not have anemia. In fact, I'm not sure there is really much correlation between the two.

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Q: Do all people that have anemia stay cold?
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What medical conditions cause a person to stay cold all the time?

low blood pressure Anemia, poor circulation.

I have pernicious anemia can that make me cold all the time?

Yes. This is because the blood from Pernicious Anemia is much thinner, and so you can feel the cold much more.

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What are all the types of anemia in livestock?

There are 3 types of Livestock anemia. Infectious anemia, Nutrition anemia, and bovine anemia. Bovine anemia is found mostly in cows.

How do people stay warm in the cold?

Seek shelter, preferably with working heat. Dress in layers covering all exposed skin. Consume hot beverages and avoid alcohol. Stay dry. Perform repetitive physical activity when extremities feel cold.

Does diabetes cause you to feel cold all the time?

Why does a diabetic stay cold all the time

What are facts about anemia?

one interesting fact about anmiea is some people chew ice and get all gittery

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What sort of sicknesses are there that have similar symptoms to being pregnant?

Anemia. Stomach flu. Cold-headache, sore muscles, achy Death. All sorts of non-fun feelings.

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All snakes( including boas) are cold blooded.that is why they bathe in the sun most of the time,to stay warm.

What is the difference between anemia and hemophilia?

Anemia is a generic term referring to "inadequate oxygen capacity in the blood"; anemia can be caused by anything from excessive blood loss to parasites on the red blood cells to inadequate red blood cell formation in the bone marrow. Hemophilia is a more specific term referring to "inadequate blood clotting capacity"; there are multiple types of hemophilia but they are all bleeding disorders. It is very common for people with hemophilia to develop anemia. However, very few people who have anemia also have hemophilia.

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