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Q: Do all bacteria make you sick?
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Why does a bacterial infection make us ill?

Yes because of thebacteria- basically germs that make you sick. that's why people tell you to wash your hands because of all the bacteria(germs) that will make you sick

Do you have bacteria when you are sick?

No. A fetus develops inside the amniotic sac. Its genetic material comes from the egg and sperm which do not give it bacteria. Only during birth, when the sac is broken and the baby emerges does it encounter bacteria.

How bacteria makes you sick?

Bacteria can make you sick by entering your body and "attacking" you. In response, your body heats up in attempt to "fry" the bacteria.

Can poop make you sick if eaten?

It's loaded with bacteria. Yes, it will get you sick.

What bacteria can make you sick by eating uncooked food?

eggs cant really make u sick!!

Can bacteria make a person sick or better?

It actually can work both ways. Certain bacteria are good for you but mostly they can get you sick.

Is the purpose of bacteria to make us sick?


Can bacteria from the kitchen garbage can make you sick?


Can bacteria in beer make you sick?

BACTERIA release harmful toxins. VIRUSES take over your cells completely and make copies of themselves! : )

How is bacteria hurtful?

Some bacteria can hurt you but most of it is good. bacteria is what makes you sick ,yes. but bacteria is all inside your body to help fight against the bacteria or germs that makes you sick

Why should meats be cooked until are well cooked?

so all the bacteria are killed so it does not make you sick

What does poop do to you if you eat it?

Would almost certainly make you sick because of all the bacteria. And you would puke and vomit. it is full of bacteria. its the wastes our body releases!