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They need to be cleaned first before going to the tub.

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Q: Do Japanese take a shower before they take a bath?
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Do Japanese take a bath before a shower?

In Japan, it is common to take a relaxing bath in a traditional deep soaking tub called a "Ofuro" before rinsing off with a quick shower. The bath is seen as a way to cleanse and relax, while the shower is for rinsing off and refreshing.

What you might take to get clean?

Take a shower or a bath

Should you take a shower or bath before you go out on a date with your boyfriend?

It ultimately depends on personal preference. Taking a shower tends to be quicker and provide a fresh feeling, while a bath can be more relaxing but takes longer. Consider what will make you feel most confident and comfortable for your date.

Should you use a shower insted of a bath?

It is much safer to take a bath than a shower cause in the shower you can slip so I would bath

Should you take a bath or a shower?

A shower! So you don't soak in dirty bath water!

Which is Better for environment bath or shower?

Showers typically use less water than baths, making them a better choice for the environment. However, the environmental impact also depends on factors such as the length of the shower and the type of showerhead used. To minimize impact, consider taking shorter showers and installing water-saving fixtures.

Do it take less water to take a shower or a bath?

It depends how long it takes you to shower

Why cant take i bath when having my period?

YES! JUST TAKE A BATH! Its easier than a shower. just wipe good before going in. also NEVER wear a tampon while in the bath!

Do egyptians take a shower or a bath?

they take neither a shower nor bath they just dip them self in the ole river or other rivers

What consume more water shower or bucket bath?

A long shower will take more water than a bath, but a bath will usually use more water than a short shower.

Is it normal not to take a shower or a bath for some time?

it is not normal... it is gross if you don't take a bath or shower for a long time because you will smell and be gross.

What you might take to get clean .Add two letters from show?

It is to take a shower.