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In general, yes.

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Q: Do Indian people get enough sleep?
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Do Indian get enogh sleep?

Not all Indians get enough sleep. Statistics indicate that about 10% of the Indian population suffers from various disorders that are traced back to lack of enough sleep.

How many percent of people don't get enough sleep?

80% people don't get enough sleep.. babay

What did the Hupa tribe Indian people sleep on?

Something like a bed, they would sleep on the floor with lots of furs over and under them.

Does not enough sleep form into depression?

Lack of sleep can certainly contribute to depression. It is also true that depressed people have an increased need for sleep.

Can an Indian be a truck driver in Australia?

no, there is enough of your people driving taxis

What are some reasons people not being able to focus properly?

Not enough sleep

What did inland valley Indian people sleep on?

They sleeped on cots made out of animal skins and wood

Do gay people have puffy eyes?

Only when they don't get enough sleep, just like straight people.

What do you feel when you don'tet enough sleep?

When you don't get enough sleep, many people feel as if they are angry or tired. You might also feel like you are unable to concentrate or like you are dazed or drugged.

Does having enough sleep affect behavior?

yes it does , so get enough sleep

What is a key to your health and wellness?

Eat enough, sleep enough, enjoy life and learn as much as you can.One of the most important components of a persons well-being is SLEEP. If you dont have enough sleep, you wont have enough strength to do any of the above.Another key to good health and wellness is to have good and strong relationship bonds with other people.

How much sleep should an average 13 year old girl get each night?

The average 13 year old should get 9 hours of sleep per night. This is very important. A person that does not get enough sleep will often be sick more often than people who do get enough sleep.