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Q: Did the addition of molecular evidence support or refute the hypothesis that you made earlier based on structural evidence only?
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What evidence supports his hypothesis?

The evidence that supports wegeners hypothesis is the fossil evidence

What is molecular evidence or a DNA sequence?

what does molecular evidence mean

What is evidence in an experiment?

Evidence is proof of your hypothesis.

When the evidence in a scientific experiment does not support the hypothesis what should the scientist do?

When the evidence in a scientific experiment does not support the hypothesis the scientist:Confirm through repeated experimentation that the evidence is validReject the hypothesisDevelop another hypothesis that is consistent with the valid evidence

What evidence would you expect if your hypothesis was true?

The evidence that made you come to that conclusion. Remember that a hypothesis is an educated guess

What kind of molecular evidence supports evolution?

Molecular Genetics

What is a scientific definition for evidence?


How does a hypothesis become a scientific hypothesis?

when there s proof to back it up with evidence or an experiment to test the hypothesis

What is a statement that does not have experimental evidence to support it?


What are 2 types of evidence that suggest that evolution has occured?

Accept fossil evidence, anatomical evidence, molecular evidence

What is a supporting hypothesis?

A well-supported hypothesis is a theory that appears to have a lot of evidence behind it. This evidence helps to make it seem likely that the hypothesis is true, but it is still just a theory until it has been proven.

How is it easy to support a hypothesis? all depends on the hypothesis. For example, if you know exactly how to back it up with evidence, than very easy. But...if your hypothesis is kind of 'far out', and finding evidence will be difficult, then writing it will be hard.