Did sonic and Sally kiss

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Confirming the last answer, yes they did.

But theses kiss scenes don't appears only in Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic SatAm)

Appears in the comics too, a lot.

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Q: Did sonic and Sally kiss
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In what episode of sonic x does sally kiss sonic?

Sally isn't in Sonic X

Does sonic kiss Sally?

yeah sometimes.

What episode did sonic kiss sally in Sonic the Hedgehog?

In Sonic SatAM they kiss at the end of the final episode, "The Doomsday Project"

Will Sonic kiss Amy or Sally?

In the comic "Sonic Universe" Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn get married. They have kids, Manik and Sonia.

Did sonic kiss sally in front of tails?


Who does Amy rose kiss in Sonic the Hedgehog comics?

Nobody but i wish sonic kiss Amy and not sally sally is a old charter from a long time ago so i think that sonic and amy are a great couple

Did Shadow the Hedgehog ever kiss Sally in Sonic Universe?


Dose Sonic like Sally or Amy?

In the comics, Sonic and Sally have shared a kiss and they did love eachother. Amy considers herself to be Sonic's girlfriend but Sonic feels uncomfortable and annoyed by her romantic fondness towards him.

How many times have sonic and sally kissed?

A LOT i mean they even kissed in a episode not shur which one cos i turned on my tv just to catch the kiss i think in the last ever sonic underground episode dunno well sonic and sally kiss all the time.

Does sally kiss sonic in the comic book?

unfoncanly YES in sonic universe (30 years later) sonic is the king of mobuis and sally is queen and they have 2 kids it's unfoncanly coz I'm a sonamy fan Not only in Sonic Universe and not only 30 years later. on Sonic SatAm and Sonic the Hedgehog (the normal comics) they kiss too.

Why did sally kiss sonic in front of tails?

If you're talking about the Sonic SatAm: They were kidding because Sally was kidnaped and Robotnik made a clone with her personality to trap them. But Robotnik didn't put the memories, so they discovered that one wasn't Sally. When she was rescued, she was talking with Tails in the Great Florest, when Sonic appeared and said: - Wait Tails, I'm not sure if this on is the real Sally And Sally Said: - oh really? So that answer you? Them they kiss. and the clown (Sonic) said: - It's a clone Tails, let's Get outta of here!

When is sonic most tempted to kiss sally in Sonic the Hedgehog?

There are 2 answers. 1. In the TV series, when he and sally destroy the doomsday machine. 2. In the comic, when he defeats Dr. Robotnik ( Sonic Archives volume 13) and finds out that sally is in a coma/ dead ( Coma: Sonic Archives volume 13/ Dead: Sonic Archives volume 12)