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Absolutely NOT Kate Moss.

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Q: Did Kate Moss do the LG Dare commercial?
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Who is the blonde in the lg dare commercial?

kate moss

Who is the actress in the Verizon dare commercial in the green dress on the ledge?

That beautiful woman in the Verizon LG Dare commercial is definitely Kate Moss. It is NOT Kate Moss. No one has found who she is yet. It remains a mystery. It is no "supermodel" or "actress" of fame.

What is the dress in LG dare commercial?

It's an altered Aidan Mattox

Should you get the EnV2 or the LG Dare?

the LG Dare

When was LG Dare created?

LG Dare was created in 2008.

Where can I get the green dress in the Verizon lg dare commercial?

aidan mattox

What is the better phone Lg Dare Lg Voyager or Samsung Glyde?

LG DARE by far

Is the LG dare only for Verizon?

no i have the LG Dare and my plan is on telus

What is the dress is the new LG Dare commercial?

i think the dress is aidan mattox. super cute!

Does the LG dare require data plan?

LG Dare is not available as a prepaid phone on Verizion Wireless

Does Verizon still make the LG Dare?

Verizon Wireless has stopped production and marketing on the LG Dare. This is because the LG Versa was marketed to replace the Dare. However, the LG Versa is becoming old news now because of the LG Chocolate Touch.

Which is better the lg dare or lg cosmos touch I have a dare and wonder if it's worth upgrading to the cosmos touch since I can't afford a smartphone yet?

Lg dare hands down