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It may not have lived compeltely up to Roman civilization but it was as close as you can get

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Q: Did Byzantine civilization restore the former glory of the Roman Empire?
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What parts of the former Roman Empire did the Byzantine Empire control?

The Eastern Empire.

Constantinopole was the former capital of the what?

Constantinopole was the former capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Who had control over a large portion of the former Roman Empire?


What empires had control over a large portion of the former Roman Empire?


How did Justinian expand the Byzantine Empire?

Justinian expanded the Byzantine Empire through means of war and the conquering other lands. The additions of the former Roman provinces of Italia, Baetica, and Africa Proconsularis expanded the Byzantine Empire to it's largest point in history.

What type of Emperor was Justinian?

Justinian was a Byzantine Emperor, considered its greatest, and he brought the empire near to the former heights of the old Roman Empire.

To fulfill his desire to restore the Roman Empire to its former size Justinian needed .?

A strong military

What are the differences between Judaism and Byzantine?

The difference between Judaism and Byzantine is whereas Judaism is a Christian sect, Byzantine is not.

What is a name given to the eastern half of the Roman Empire?

The eastern half of the Roman Empire named after its fall is mostly the Ottoman Empire. Edit: The area of the former empire is still known in Turkish and other oriental languages as Rum (pronounced room). Thus the famous writer Jalaludin Rumi is named after the area in modern Turkey where he lived for most of his life (born in what is now Afghanistan).

What was the city that the Byzantine Empire wanted to liberate from the Muslims?

Half of the Former Byzantine Empire was under Moslem control, so there were numerous cities and towns that the Byzantines wanted to liberate from the Moslems. They specifically mention Jerusalem, but that was only to gain support for such a campaign from Western Europe.

Which aspect of the Roman Empire continued into the Byzantine Empire?

One aspect of the "old Roman Empire" that was carried on to the new eastern Roman empire, which became the Byzantine Empire was the standard of written laws. This was an important feature of the old Roman republic and later when the republic was a shell of its former self. Generally referred to as the Roman Empire, there were still written laws.The governing office of Emperor also was carried on.

Is the former name of Turkey Smyrna?

Syrna is a city. Turkey was formerly a mix of hundreds of city-states and territories, originally independent, and then taken over by the Roman Empire, and when that split up, the Byzantine Empire.