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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have been extremely tired with no energy at all for the past week also last couple days had slightly high temp and wake up hot in the middle of the night?
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What can light energy be transformed into?

Electricityand chem energy are a couple.

Why do pregnant women need more energy and protein than a non pregnant women do?

It is because the pregnant women need more energy and protein to build the body tissues for the baby.

Energetical Compatability?

the energy of the couple in a relationship

How much energy does the Belkin F5D9231-4 G+ MIMO Wireless Router use?

It's energy use isn't listed,but it's extremely nominal.A router's energy use is extremely small.

Will the Moon move away from Earth?

As long as an outside energy does not change the speed and rotation of our planet and the moon, it will stay in orbit.A2. Actually, the Moon is gradually increasing its orbit and moving slightly further from the Earth.This is because in a coupled system, energy lost in one member of the couple is transferred to the other member. In the case of the Earth - Moon couple, some of the Earth's spin energy is dissipated by the tides, and this shows up as the Earth slowing very slightly in its rotation, and a slight increase in the Moon's orbit.For all practical purposes you may ignore these effects, unless you work in a precision time measurement lab.

What phase of matter has an extremely high-energy?


How do you get energy in cityville?

You get energy by waiting for a couple minutes, usually five and then it will restore your energy. Tell me if this helps

Why does a pregnant woman need more energy?

A pregnant woman needs more energy because she needs to provide food for her baby as well as herself.

Why pregnant woman need more energy then a unpregnant woman?

Pregnant women need more energy then an unpregnant women because the baby needs food to develop into a human being thus the Pregnant woman needs more energy PREGNANT WOMEN OFTEN HAVE TO SLEEP ALOT MORE ALSO. Hope this helps

Can a pregnant woman have energy drink?

Yes. You can take an energy drink of reputed brand.

Why does a pregnant woman need more energy then a woman that any pregnant?

The main reason is she will now have to eat for two people, and needs more energy as well.

Protein store energy?

Protein can provide energy, but this is extremely inefficient. This is due to the fact that the energy it takes to make it usable as energy is almost as much as the energy it provides.