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If the sun were to be extinguised right now, just about every living thing would die.

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Q: Could humans survive without the sunlight?
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Could humans survive without sunlight?

no you need the sunlight for vit d the gives you that. that is why you need the sunlight

Could humans survive without plant and animal cells?


Could bees survive without humans?

Yes because they survive on plant, not human.

What type of flower could survive the longest without being in soil or having water or sunlight?

The flower that could survive the longest without water or sunlight would be a cactus. Now, you agreed to exotic gifts! Cacti have interesting looking shapes. You could get him a weird looking cactus. That would be funny, exotic and it would survive!

Could life life on the Earth survive without the sun?

No, plants cannot survive without sunlight, herbivores cannot survive without plants, and I don't think carnivores and omnivores can survive without herbivores. Besides, they would all freeze to death within a few days anyway.

Could humans live on Neptune?

no they could not survive

Could humans survive without arable land?

Not at this point in our existence. Back when there weren't very many humans, we could survive by being hunter-gatherers and not farmers. But now the there are so many people on the planet, we must have arable land to farm.

Can humans survive without any medication?

It depends upon the illness of the human. Humans have great survival instinct and this cause them to survive for thousands of generation. However some illnesses and diseases also could threatened humans good health, eh.

How long can you survive by only eating snow?

Eating dirt is not a sufficient source of nutrients for humans. With water you could survive three weeks. Without water you could survive three days.

How is the sun an energy source?

The sun produces heat and light. Without both of these most things on Earth could not live. Sunlight helps our plants grow. Bacteria, Protozoa, ect. survive by using energy from using sunlight.

Could you survive without bacteria?


Could you survive without calcium?