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Possibly. Take a test if your period doesn't arrive

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Q: Could I be pregnant if I feel bloated but I have been going to the bathroom a lot?
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I'm feeling sick at night only feeling bloated light headed sometimes when standing up slight headakes sometimes nipples hurt to be touched this has been going on for about 2weeks could i be pregnant?

You could be pregnant. I'd recommend taking a pregnancy test to be sure.

What does it mean when your pregnant and can't stop going to the bathroom?

your water is starting to break

Can not going to the bathroom mean your pregnant?

No getting constipated has no sign of pregnancy in any way.

How would you know if you are pregnant without the pregnancy test?

If while going to the bathroom, you gave birth.

Give a sentence with the word Bloated?

When a women is going through her menstrual cycle she may get bloated.

Is possible to get pregnant if a man nut inside a woman and the woman go to the bathroom the next day?

It is definitely possible to get pregnant that way. A woman going to the bathroom has no effect on whether or not she will get pregnant. A woman urinating after intercourse can reduce her rates of getting a urinary tract infection, but it has no effect on pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if im on birth control but constantly going to the bathroom?

As long as you take them correctly and is using a back up method while having sex then no but also understand birth control isn't 100 percent and in some cases women still get pregnant.

How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?

It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of time. You are also more likely to have bathroom accidents from holding urine.

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant even if she used the bathroom afterwards if she wee 14?

Going to the bathroom after sex has NOTHING to do with your chances of getting pregnant..birth control and other forms of protection are necessary and even then nothing is guaranteed to work 100%..and ANY girl can get pregnant, no matter her age, if she is healthy and ovulating (meaning if she gets a period every month)

Once you really had to pee and made it just in time to a bathroom you felt like you were going to explode could you?

But the answer is no.

Is feeling bloated everyday but has not had a period yet a sign of pregnancy?

It could be a phantom pregnancy.Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall.It is possible to have minor bleeding and be pregnant. The only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Your wife has not had a period for 60 days?

She could be pregnant, she could be going through menopause, she could be stressed or she could be sick.