Cool armor in aqw

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Well in Skullholm, then Shadowfall, there is an undead skeleton in the room with the golden frame, and it sells the good warrior and cleric armours member free. But the problem is, it's so popular, it's out of style. The best class, incase you meant is no doubt the Leprechaun class. You can't get it anymore, though.

Barbaric blade of darkness: 10,000 sword,

Dark crystal claymore: 25,000 sword,

Dark rune sword: 1,000 ACs sword,

Dark angel axe of Shadow, 15,000 member only axe,

Deadly axe of chaos, 50,000 axe,

Chaos mace, 15,000 mace,

Black star caster staff, 25,000 staff (Looks really good with Shadow cleric)

Dark crusader, 50,000 armour,

Lunaris Sentinel, 1,000 ACs armour,

Shadow cleric, 10,000 armour,

Shadowscythe Reaver, 1,000 ACs armour,

Symbiote, 50,000 member only armour,

Undead beserker, 500 ACs armour,

Bonehead, 15,000 helm,

Corrupted dark lord, 800 ACs helm,

Helm of the dark lord, 75,000 helm,

Skull of darkness, 50,000 member only helm,

Wings of darkness, 1,000 ACs cape,

Dark moglin, 25,000 member only pet.

That should about do it. If the shop gets updated with new stuff, and you're looking at this right now, don't blame me......

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Q: Cool armor in aqw
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Ninja armor, Zero armour or something like that. Just explore

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Are cool armors all you dimwits after? Seriously! Just choose the armor that fits your personality and use it. I wouldn't use armor as they don't do much anyway.

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What is the code of fantasy armor in aqw?

the ways to get armor is gonna drop,quest reward or buy ac and gold.gladiator_211 aqw member.

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Type In How do you get the germ armor in aqw? then it will give you the answer.

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fight monsters with black armor until you get one

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Only by completing a quest that says that the armor is a reward.

Can a boy get usable girl armor in AQW?

no only if the armor is uni-sex

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u cant

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in yulgars shop