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Who knows question not clear enough.

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Q: Car A pulls forward out of a diagnal parking space designed to be backed out of for one way traffic and hits the car in front of him who is at fault?
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How do you traffic congestion and parking diffulties?

Are you asking how do I handle traffic congestion and parking difficulties? With patients, that's how.

Is fancy parking really safer?

Fancy parking is another way of saying parking the car front facing out and it is indeed much safer. One of the problems with parking is getting the car out of the space and back into the traffic stream. When you have to back into traffic you see less of the traffic on the road. The idea is that it is easier to block traffic for a moment to park than it is to have traffic swerve around you on the way back. Another new trend in parking is to have the lines angled specifically for rear parking. It isn't common but it might be the new trend in traffic safety.

Who is at fault if one vehicle entering a parking lot from traffic hits another vehicle exiting a parking space?

The vehicle exiting the parking space that did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Does a router forward traffic to all ports?

yes router forward traffic to all ports.

What was the traffic light law designed to do?

traffic lights were designed to control the traffic flow in largely populated areas.

Is it illegal to pull forward out of a parking spot if there is no one parked in front of you?

Is this taking place on private property parking lot (like a supermarket lot) or in a parking location on a public street? If on a private parking lot it would probably not be illegal to pull out of the spot in the manner you say, traffic laws generally do not apply on private parking lots. However, if you do it without due caution and hit someone or something you can be charged with the collision.

What are the travel laws?

no parking use traffic lights

Do you use a parking lane to initiate a right turn?

No, you do not initiate a right turn from a parking lane. Parking lanes are not intended to be used as traffic lanes. To initiate a right turn, you should be in the farthest right traffic lane.

What are two problems that Brooklyn has?

Poverty and crime. Traffic and parking.

What are the effects of shortage of parking at universities?

It will cause traffic congestion.

How many traffic accidents happen each year?

45% of traffic accidents happen in parking lots

Who is at fault if pulling forward out of a parking spot and you are struck by another vehicle on the passenger door?

Depends on the situation. If you signaled in advance and had room to pull out without interrupting the flow of traffic then the other driver is at fault. However if you did not signal and attempted to pull out without being aware of on coming traffic you are at fault.