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I think it depends on your car insurance policy.

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Q: Can your license be suspended for someone else driving your car without insurance?
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If someone rear ends you and your license is expired but the car your driving is insured what will happen?

you will get a ticket and probably get your license suspended for longer and insurance will probably not cover the accident b/c you were driving with a suspended license but of course this is just one scenario

Can you be on someone insurance policy with a suspended license as a non driver?

Most insurance companies allow household members can be excluded if their drivers license is suspended. By signing an exclusion form this means that there is no coverage at all if the excluded person is driving one of the covered vehicles and a claim occurs.

If someone hits you and it is their fault will their insurance cover your damage if your license is suspended?

Yes. The fact that your license is suspended is NOT considered a contributing circumstance to an accident.

What happens if you hit someone who is driving without a license but has car insurance and tries to charge you for medical?

Your insurance should cover the person you hit. In about six months the unlicensed driver WILL get a letter in the mail from DMV saying they ARE in trouble for driving without a license. Usually, the punishment is a years suspended license and a fine.

Are there single vehicle storage policies for someone with a suspended license?

You can get insurance even if you have a suspended license, I would call an independent agent that represents multiple carriers.

Can you get a ticket for driving in a car with someone who has a suspended license?

It all depends on whether its your car or not

If your son got license suspended due to DUI should you remove from your insurance?

Yes, if your son doesn't have a license, he has no business driving. Take off the insurance unless someone else drives it. If your son was the only one driving it, it would make no sense to insure a car just in the dirveway.

What happens if someone with suspended license is caught driving someone elses car in California?

It's usually the same punishment as if they were driving their own car.

What happens if someone with suspended license is caught driving someone elses car?

The driver will receive another violation for "Driving While Suspended," and it is POSSIBLE that the owner of the vehicle may receive a ticket for "Permitting an Un-licensed Operator."

What could the police charge someone with who hasn't got a license or insurance?

uda unlawfull driving auto. no insurance.

If you loan your car to someone with a suspended license and they have an accident in your car would anything be covered?

No, if their license was suspended they should not be driving, if they are involved in an accident and are at fault the other person can go after you since it is your car and then you are liable.

Is unknowingly driving on a suspended license considered a moving violation in FL?

Yes, it is. Knowingly or unknowingly really is irrelevant - you're driving on a suspended licence, and the courts will always reject a claim of someone not knowing their licence was suspended. And rightfully so. "I thought my license expired next year" might be believable. "I thought the police, DMV, and judge were just kidding" is not. I actually researched this and found that when the ticket is actually labeled "driving while license unkowingly suspended or revoked" has no points involed unless you do this repeatedly. And this being so because there have been cases where an insurance company has dropped a client and that person never received notification-or has yet to receive it; and consequently their license was suspended.