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If the title is in his name, then I believe he can. Whomever s name is on the title is the owner of that vehicle. If it has both names with an "and" / "or" then you both own it equally and he can not take it back.

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Q: Can your father legally take back the car he purchased for you in full if registration and insurance was initally put under your name?
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Can you get tagregistration and insurance on a car that doesnt have title?

no, not legally. you need title to get registration, unless you know a shady character.

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How long do you have to purchase auto insurance on a new car?

There is no grace period. Legally you can not drive a car on public roads without proof of financial responsibility. If you bought a cash car your supposed to leave it parked until you get your insurance and your registration. If you have purchased and financed a new car, most finance companies require proof of full coverage before you can drive it off the lot.

What documents are you legally required to have when operating a motor vehicle?

In all 50 states, you are required to provide proof of insurance, registration, and a current driver license for the vehicle you are operating.

Can you legally drive a car after buying it before you get it registered or insured?

It depends on your local law, but generally speaking you get a temporary registration from the dealer. You will probably have to show proof of insurance to get your permanent registration. If you already have insurance, usually your new car will be automatically be covered for some short period of time under your existing policy, provided you notify your insurance company first.

Where can one find cheap car insurance in New York?

Car Insurance in New York must be purchased from a legally authorized company within the state of New York. Authorized companies included Geico and Nationwide Insurance.

Selling an unregistered car but have title?

Go ahead! You do not need a registration to sell the car, unless you are in a state where the registration and the title are one and the same thing (there may not be any of these states left).However, you DO need a registration and insurance to responsibly let a prospective buyer drive the car, or to legally take it to where you are completing the sale, unless you tow it.

What car insurance is legally required in Tennessee?

It is required to have liability car insurance to legally drive in Tennessee.

Is it legally required to purchase insurance for your boat?

No, its not required by law, in most states. You'll have to check with your department of motor vehicles where you register the boat. You do have to have a title and registration for boat and trailer because of them being on the roads.

Are you legally required to include your spouse on the auto insurance policy if you own the car yourself? But, for insurance purposes, yes.

Could you finance a truck for your dad but he insures it?

Typically, the one financing has to provide insurance (has to be on title or registration). In my state (VA) the options would be: have dad co-sign your financing so he can provide the insurance or you insure it and have dad pay for it (but you are legally responsible for all aspects of the truck)

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