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Yes, as long as the repossesor does not commit a breach of peace as defined by the laws of the state where the act takes place.

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Q: Can your car be repossessed if it is on someone else's private property?
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How do you find out if someone elses vehicle has been repossessed?

"YOU" dont, the debtor does. call the lender.

Can you ride a mini pocket bike at the sidewalk?

In most jurisdictions, the answer is no. Usually legal only on private property. (ie: your own or someone elses with permission)

Can a repo man come onto private property in Massachusetts to get your vehicle even though the gate was not locked?

They can come onto your property because you gave them permission when you signed the loan.If it someone elses property that is trespass but after they have the vehicle the point is moot as long as they didn't damage the property.

If your car is repossessed and you steal it back from the dealership is it grand theft auto?

Yes, it most certainly is. You would be stealing someone elses property. You never legally "own" the auto until it is fully paid for and the lender delivers a clear title to you.

When we step into someone elses private world through their texts we are essentially acting as?


What larceny of firearms?

Larceny is stealing someone elses property, so your answer is stealing firearms

How long does someone elses property have to be in your possession until it's yours?

That depends on the law of your state.

What is covered by property damage liability insurance?

Propety Damage covers you if you damage someone elses property. Liability covers you in the event of a lawsuit.

What is the time limit someone can claim property left behind on someone elses property in California?

One year is the time limit someone can claim property left behind on someone else's property in the state of California. After the one year time period is up, the item is up for grabs.

When a person uses a computer or the internet to illegally copy someone elses intellectual property the crime is?

computer piracy

Someone elses personal property left in your yard can you sell it?

No. Just Give it back to them if they don't want it sell it.

How do you get someone elses stuff off your property legally In ontario canada for help of laws even if the owner doesn't want the stuff moved?

chuck it off your property