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Q: Can your body crash from exhaustion?
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A person whose body can no longer keep up with the demands of stress is in the stage.?

Exhaustion. Novanet!

During which heat emergency do you cool the casualty's body by sprinkiling him or her with water?

Heat exhaustion

Is heat exhaustion hypothermia?

No, losing body temperature is. Hypothermia means loss of body temperature.

Which term describes when the body no longer cope with the demands of stress?


Which heat emergency do you cool the casualties body by sprinkling him or her with water?

Heat exhaustion

How long does exhaustion and tiredness last?

This depends on how much and for how long your body had to endure a particular stimulus. The best way to get rid of exhaustion and tiredness from your body is to get some rest and drink plenty of water. If your body is not used to the environment that caused you to get really tired then it might take a little longer for your body to recover from that stress. Nevertheless, plenty of water, nutritious diet, and eight hours of sleep every day at night should definitely help your body to recover from exhaustion and tiredness.

When a guy is tired does his penis not get its potential hardness or big as usual when turned on or is it always able to be the potential size regardless of exhaustion- exhaustion non relevant to sex?

The size of the penis in erection can differ depending on how horny you are and the physical state your body is in (sickness, exhaustion and so on).

When would you cool a casualty's body by sprinkling water during a heat emergency?

heat exhaustion

What would be the noun form of exhaust?

The noun form of "exhaust" is "exhaustion". Exhaustion refers to a state of extreme tiredness or fatigue that can be caused by physical or mental exertion, lack of sleep, illness, or other factors. It can also refer to the process of using up or depleting a resource, such as the exhaustion of natural resources or the exhaustion of the body's energy reserves during exercise.

What is the perfect crash?

when no body gets hurt at all is the perfect crash that's why you want to have a safe car.

What are the signs for heat exhaustion?

weakness,high perspiration, high body temperatur, and pale, clammy skin. its NOT nausea!!!!

Where is Halley's comet going to crash?

A Comet is a body in perpetual orbit. A Meteorite is a body which enters the Earth's atmosphere. It is unlikely that Halley's Comet will ever crash into the Earth.