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I heard some people do that and they say it helps the hair grow. Personality, i never tried it but I'm sure it won't damage the hair. what you could do is apply it after shower and massage your scalp and the ends of your hair.

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Q: Can you use regular vitamin e oil on hair daily?
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How long does vitamin e oil make your hair after 1 month?

It really just depends ... I do recommend getting vitamin e AND biotin to take daily though

What oil can use to make your hair grow longer and faster?

you can use hair oil. do not use regular cooking oil!!

How does almond oil help eyebrows grow back and how long will it take?

Almond oil contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Vitamin E, Zinc and Iron that encourage hair growth so massaging almond oil into the scalp can stimulate hair follicles promoting hair growth. Eyebrow's hair can grow back within four weeks of continuous application of sweet almond oil.

Can you mix vitamin e capsules or tablets with hair oil and apply to hair?

yeah you can but dont put too much on as it turns hair really greasy..

How can you make your hairs deep?

daily apply oil to my hair, and weekly or monthly once i take oil both, it make my hair deep. thank you

How long can your hair grow in a year?

oil your hair daily before washing makes hair long silky n manageable

How do you make your hair grow faster naturrally?

You should use vitamin H (also known as biotin), vitamin C, coconut oil. You can try scalp massage. There are a lot of hair masks (search in Youtube).

Is oiling hair daily harmful?

No, many Sub-Saharan African tribes with widely renowned healthy hair oil their hair daily, before frying it and spreading it across pancakes with syrup and marmalade.

Do African angel hair products contain petrolatum and mineral oil?

No, just botanical oil and Vitamin E. Very good product. I love their olive oil.

What vitamin can grow your hair super long or help it grow?

fish oil helps it grow faster, but it also makes your hair everywhere else grow

Stretched earlobe is slightly purple?

You should probably downsize and start massaging your lobes with vitamin e oil twice daily.

How do you make a hair cuticle coat?

a liquid vitamin E capsul mixed with some extra virgin olive oil