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i would like to know if glycerin works on white tounge

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Q: Can you use glycerin to get rid of white tongue?
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Can glycerin use to clean of baby tongue?


How do you get rid of lie bumps on your tongue?

If you are referring to the tiny white bumps on your tongue, I use white vinagar mixed half with water, gargle, spit out, they dissappear in one day.

How do you clean white leather sofa?

You clean a white leather sofa with glycerin... then use a clean cloth and wipe...

Are tongue scrapers really beneficial for getting rid of bacteria on the tongue?

It really depends on what you consider beneficial. It is not absolutely necessary that your use a tongue scraper but in order to prevent bad breath it is essential.

Can you use glycerin if you have acne?

Yes, many acne soaps, such as Neutrogena, are glycerin based.

How do you get rid of black marks on white plates?

USE ChinaMate®: Keeps White Plates White

Can you use fruit pectin for glycerin in fondant?

No, glycerin and fruit pectin are entirely different things.

What can you use for glycerin?

you can use nitroglycerin to blow things up glycerin is also a good skin moisturiser and is used in saddle soap.

What can you use instead of glycerin?

Some people suggest substituting glycerin with an unflavored oil (same proportion as the glycerin). You can usually miss the glycerin out of the recipe without it resulting in an extremely different outcome (as long as the glycerin was only a small proportion of the recipe).

What is the use of glycerin in hand sanitizer?


How do you get rid of white stretch marks in 1 month?

Use Bio Oil

How do you use glycerin for hair care?

Glycerin is a humectant and can be mixed with water and essential oils to make a moisturizing spritz for your hair.