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I don't think you can sue a person if they hit your vehicle but you sure can yell at them! No violence though, please!

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Q: Can you sue a person if they hit you in your vehicle at a stoplight causing damage?
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Does liability coverage cover the person driving and causing the accident?

Liability coverage offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage to the other vehicle and passengers who you hit if the accident is your faulty. It does not cover you or anyone in your vehicle.

Who is responsible for damage to a vehicle during a repossession?

the person the vehicle was leased to is responsible as they are the ones that have caused the vehicle to need to be repossessed.

If a person commits suicide in a vehicle and there was damage to the car would your auto insurance pay?


Parked vehicle damaged on private property who is responsible for damages?

The person who caused the damage.

How does one go about fixing criminal damage?

Criminal damage is damage done to public or private property by a person who is not its owner. A person convicted of causing criminal damage may be ordered by the judge to pay for the damage to be fixed. The cost of fixing criminal damage may also be covered by insurance.

A vehicle did damage to your fence on your property the insurance company is saying they are not liable because the person driving the vehicle was not supposed to be driving it?

When driving behind another vehicle at night,

Covers bodily injury or property damage that you will cause to another person and or vehicle?

Liability Insurance

Will liability insurance cover damage to a person's vehicle caused by someone else?

NO, liability covers damage you do to someone else's property. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle by someone else. If you have no comprehensive, then you will need to look to their insurance for recovery of damages.

What are the chances of injuring people or causing damage?

well its hard to say but there are no percentages because there is no decidions to make but the person doing the harms

How do you use the word seventh in a sentence?

She is the seventh person in line to receive the award.

What does PLPD car insurance cover you for?

PLPD is public liability and property damage. Property damage provides insurance cover against damage caused by you to the other person's vehicle or building, etc. Public liability insurance covers the occupants of both your and the other vehicle usually to a maximum of $250,000. Note that PL&PD does not cover your vehicle nor you as the driver.

What does pd insurance stand for?

PD insurance stands for Property Damage. It is a portion of the liability insurance required by most states. This is the part of the policy that will pay for damage that the insured vehicle caused to another person's property, such as a vehicle or some other property.