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Q: Can you still enter your mansion room in dizzywood after the gold explorer expires?
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Please enter this friend code on Dizzywood it is PIZZA3960?


Please enter this friend code on Dizzywood Pizza3960?

That's not a question.

How do you get into the Gnarl in Dizzywood?

to enter the gnarl in dizzywood you need to be on a specific mission given by spy bear to enter rat wraiths territory or just beat the first bounce game to play the game boss with the gnarl.

Can someone get a dizzywood gold explorer account for Lipgloss5656?

Yes someone gan get you a free one month membership.How?Well as a promotional offer I am having a contest on behalf of where one lucky person gets a membership.It's a raffle so it's anyone's game.Just contack with your username and I will add a ballot for you.Hurry,the offer expires on July 22,2010.If you win I give you the code by e-mail and you enter it by yourself.

Where is mr blacklots mansion in pokemon platnum?

go south of hearthome and enter the mansion

How can you enter the right door of the Pokemon mansion?


How does Luigi get his mansion?

Luigi gets his mansion after he wins a competition though he didn't even enter the competition

How can you enter the room you are not allowed to enter in the Pokemon mansion on Pokemon platnium version?

Where in the mansion is the book in platinum?

what book? The book is in the owners room, which is on th right hand side when you enter the mansion, and then it is on the table

Where to get the tea in Pokemon FireRed?

Go to Celadon city and enter the Celadon Mansion. On the first floor of the mansion, there should be an old lady who will give you tea.

When a copyright expires where do the published works go?

They stay where they are, but exclusive rights to them expire, and they enter the public domain.

Are there any more websites like club penguin and dizzywood that you do not have to have a secret code to enter?

Spine world Secret Builders Super Secret neopets