Can you sleep with fan on?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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I have done every summer night for years - it doesn't seem to do me any harm

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Q: Can you sleep with fan on?
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It doesn't matter if its super cold or boiling hot I can't sleep with no fan or ac What do you think this could be?

Different people have different ways they like to sleep. You may like a fan to sleep with. Other people may have to use a TV to help them sleep at night. It is about your comfort and what helps you to sleep comfortable.

Is sleeping under ceiling fan dangerously?

not at all. But do not sleep with your head straight under ceiling fan.

Why do you get a soar throat when you sleep with a fan on?

well you get a soar throat because the fan makes your throat dry even though you may be sleeping with your mouth closed.

Who is the last one to go to sleep out of the Jonas brothers?

Who is the fan girl thats writing this, and who cares!

Does a flu get worse by sleeping under a fan?

Usually not, and many people feel better when they are ill and sleep with a fan. However, not all people are alike when it comes to how they sleep best. The flu infection itself will not become worse, but some people may feel worse.

How do I handle night sweats from lymphoma?

It's so hard trying to get sleep when you are dealing with night sweats. One thing that I do to deal with it is sleep with layers on my bed and also have a bedside fan on.

Can you get sick going to sleep under a ceiling fan or with the air on with wet hair?

no you can not its a myth that going outside with wet hair/having wet hair and sleeping under a ceiling fan etc can make you ill.

Can Bow Wow be in love with his 1 fan?

Answer Anyone with this man's popularity would be nuts to fall in love with any fan, number 1 or not. He can have his pick of women so in the end of things if you are his number 1 fan you would always be second to the many women this man can sleep with.

What time does Selena gomez sleep?

Well I know your a big fan but, you really don't need to know when Selena Gomez goe's to bed.

Is sleeping under a fan bad?

It's not bad at all! Many studies have been done that show moving air across the face causes stimulation to the point that your mind turns OFF stimulation which helps you relax and sleep better. Keeping cool at night is another way a fan helps. There are also fans out there that produce specific sounds to help you sleep.

Is it possible for a fan to marry anybody from one direction?

No, they are not allowed to date or sleep with any fans!! Trust me this was a heart breaker for me too!! Sad but true

Why do you need a fan to sleep with?

Not everyone does - if you need a fan to sleep, cohabit with someone who prefers calm silence at nighttime and watch the arguments begin. But some people have disturbed sleep without a fan on. There are a few different reasons: 1) Noise. "White noise" can be conducive to sleep and relaxation (many sound machines offer a white noise setting). The combined sound of the blades, motor, and airflow can be very soothing. Reference "road fatigue" as an example of how repetitive white noise induces drowsiness. 2) Breeze. Temperature preferences aside, some people enjoy the sensation of a breeze on the face, and/or the sound of air buffeting the ears. Again, this can be a relaxing sensation. 3) Security. This is the emotional type of security - if someone sleeps with a fan every night and then spends a week in a strange environment, having that fan available during the night can make the person feel more "at home;" a familiar, soothing sound. Or perhaps the perceived "creepiness" of nighttime (small creaks or noises in the building, etc.) that is muffled by a running fan. If someone started sleeping with fans during childhood, the fan can become a "security blanket" later in life.