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Q: Can you sleep when you have a concusion?
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Is it OK to sleep with out a pillow?

yes as long as you dont have head problems or a concusion but if you dont it is okay

If you had a concusion is it safe to go to sleep?

After seeing a doctor, they will determine the severity and let you know.

Who can be affected by concusion?


Who checked Crosby to give him a concusion?


Can you sleep after hitting your head?

of course you can sleep after you hit your head. its no big deal. However, you may get unconscious or if the hit is really hard, you may have a concusion which may lead you to have a bad headache while sleeping. Seeking professional help should be done if these sypmtoms persist

How many hours do you stay up for if you get a concusion?


When a dog gets a concusion does it cause vomiting?


What are the most common injuries in high school football?


How did Marian Anderson dad die?

Marian Anderson's dad died of a head concusion. Something fell on him, was injured and soon died. :(- Kaylie

Why does a quarterback after running with the ball goes down head first?

to keep from a concusion

When Bella got in the carcrash deal was edward trying to check for any concusion?

No. He made up the excuse of a concusion to make Bella think that she didnt see what really happened. Because he didnt want to expose the secret of his family.

Why is it bad if you get slapped in the head over and over?

It is bad because than you can passout or get a minor concusion