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No, this is not possible.

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Q: Can you remove your own tonsils by yourself such as making a weird sound to take out your snot?
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put the tv on mute

Do singers with tonsils sound better than singers without tonsils?

I am o professional singer. I got my tonsils taken out last year and I sound better. I don't believe it affects you. I had the worst condition possible and my voice was being held back. It takes a while to get over the sugery... but for me my voice was better with out! Best of luck!- betterthanyou102

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sound has properties of loudness and pitch. The loudness of a sound depends on the amplitude of vibration. A speaker making a loud sound moves back and forth more than a speaker making a soft sound. The pitch of a sound depends on the frequency of vibration. A speaker making a high pitched sound like a siren vibrates with a higher frequency than the same speaker making a low pitched sound like thunder