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No. If you had a lapse and a claim occurred during that lapse, then you have no coverage for the loss.

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Q: Can you reinstate and file a claim during a lapse in coverage?
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How long can you let car insurance lapse before it effects no claims?

There is no grace period for claims after a lapse in coverage. The moment your auto insurance "lapses" is the moment you have "No Coverage" from that moment forward you have no coverage for a claim until you get coverage again.

Can you get homeowners insurance in GA with a claim 2 months ago and a lapse about 1.5 months ago...Where would you go for such a thing?

You can contact any insurance company of your choice. Some companies will accept you and Some will not due to your lapse in coverage, and now prior claims history. The best option would have been to continue your previous coverage. Many homeowners make this same mistake in letting their policy lapse while a claim is pending. With a lapse in your coverage as well as a claim you will likely be paying more for your policy than you did in the past.

If theres a lapse in hazard homeowners insurance am istill covered?

No. You are not covered in a lapse period. A period of lapse in coverage means " No Coverage ".

Can a medical insurance company drop you because of one non payment?

It would depend on the insurance company. Most insurance companies will reinstate your coverage once you are caught up on your premium payments. You would then just have a lapse in coverage for the month you missed.

If an insured lets an LTC policy lapse because of cognitive impairment they can reinstate the policy within?

5 mos

What is the meaning of reinstatement?

Reinstatement simply means getting your coverage back to active. Most policies cancel when payments are not received on a timely manner, causing a policy to cancel (no coverage). Once payment is received, a company will usually reinstate a policy, sometimes without lapse (depending on how many days the polilcy has been cancelled).

Can insurance agency reinstate a cancelled policy without insured's approval?

If you have requested cancellation of your policy then it would not be appropriate to reinstate it without an additional request from you so long as required notices of discontinutaion of coverage have been made to all interested parties.. There are times when it would be appropriate and in the best interest of the insured to automatically reinstate a policy without an additional request from you to do so. Especially if there is an express or implied desire for continuation of the coverage such as if an overdue payment is received after a policy lapse. Other Insured Parties such as Lienholders and Mortgage companies can also require an insurer to continue coverage for a specified period of time. Another insured parties interests could require the insurer to reinstate a policy until such time as they have been properly notified.

Is a genetic condition considered a preexisting condition?

Yes, if it was known prior to coverage. If you have had continuous insurance since the genetic condition was known and there was no lapse in coverage (or the lapse was short enough), care for that condition will be covered by your new insurer, per HIPAA.

Can you reinstate your car insurance for non payment?

You are asking if you can reinstate you auto insurance if it cancelled for non-payment. Often times you can. It is up to the policies of the individual insurance carrier that you are dealing with and the state laws as well. In Georgia, insurance companies must mail you a 10 day notice of cancellation if you did not pay on the due date. After this cancellation date on the notice you have no coverage. Often times the insurance company will reinstate without a lapse if you come in within a few days and sign a "Statement of No-Loss" which states that you have not had an accident or loss since the date of cancellation. Different companies have their own policy on how many days that they will still reinstate. One factor to watch is that on the renewal date of the policy you do not get this 10 day notice, the day after renewal your coverage ceases. Sometimes they will still allow you to renew but they don't have to.

If you change jobs will the new insurance company cover a dependent's cancer treatments assuming the new employer provides sufficient coverage?

Yes, as long as there is no lapse in coverage.

Is there a lapse in coverage on an insurance policy if the policy was cancelled and then reinstated?

Technically, the policy lapsed. If a covered loss occurred before reinstatement, the insurer would arguably be justified in denying coverage. However, if the reinstatement was retroactive to the lapse date (which would probably occur if the reinstatement occurred quickly), and if you have been with the insured for some time, coverage may be extended to the intervening loss.

Lapse in car insurance?

A lapse in your auto insurance is a time period for which you had or have no coverage. Either your policy expired and was not renewed on schedule meaning you missed your renewal payment or you missed a monthly payment and the policy was cancelled.