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Generally speaking the owner of the car insures the car and lists the people who drive the car as operators. This is regardless of whether the primary operator lives in the household or not. Some insurance companies will allow the person who has care custody and controll of the vehicle to insure it whether they hold title or not.

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Q: Can you purchase auto insurance for your son on a car owned by your ex-wife She would hold the title to the car but you would be listed as the responsible party?
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Can children under the age of 18 be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy in the State of Oklahoma and or can you be forced to list your exwife as the beneficiary in the divorce decree?

You can name you testimentary trust in most cases, but that means you have to have a new will. And the court can still require you to have you ex-wife listed on your life insurance.

Who is responsible for insurance deductible in an accident of commercial vehicle?

The Company who owns the vehicle would be responsible for deductibles listed on the policy their own policy.

Where can you purchase trailer insurance?

One can purchase trailer insurance at the same locations as motor vehicle (car or truck) insurance. House trailer insurance is available at insurance agencies that specialize in home insurance. Insurance agencies are listed in telephone books, newspaper classifieds and on the Internet's world wide web.

Who is responsible for hail damage that happened while a car was repossessed?

The owner of the car listed on the insurance policy.

Can a non resident relative be listed on your personal auto insurance as a driver?

Any person who drives your vehicle should be listed as a driver on your auto insurance policy. Not only should they be listed but according to the policy terms you are required to notify the insurance company of any and all drivers and household residents. If a person has an accident while driving your vehicle and you have not listed that person as a driver you could be guilty of material misrepresentation and the claim could be denied by the insurance company. In the terms of the policy both the company and the policyholder both have requirements that they are responsible for. The policyholder is responsible for being truthful, providing answers to their questions, and paying the premiums on a timely manner. The company is responsible to pay claims that they are responsible to pay under the terms of the policy.

Where would one purchase Latrobe Insurance?

The telephone number for Latrobe Insurance is 1300-362-144. To purchase Latrobe Insurance, you could e-mail them, call the number listed above, or visit one of their brick-and-mortar buildings in your area.

How does one end Private Mortgage Insurance?

Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.

Can you get insurance if your not the homeowner?

Yes, It is possible to purchase insurance on behalf of the owner. The Homeowners insurance policy must be in compliance with local law. The legal owner must be the beneficiary and must be listed as the loss payee for the insurance contract to be valid.

Are parents responsible for their adult child's medical bills if they aren't legally responsible for the child?

Not unless they are still listed on the insurance policy. Under the new laws in the US, they can be on the policy until they turn 26.

What does the term transfer from insurance mean on a medical bill?

While waiting for your insurance to process your claim, it is listed in our billing software as insurance responsibility. Once we have received the payment and/or eob (explanation of benefits) from the insurance, the amount due from the patient is then transferred in our system to the patients responsibility. We are literally transferring the responsible party from the insurance to the patient.

Can someone put your car on their insurance policy without your permission and without you being listed as a driver?

Who knows. Even if they do, you have no insurance coverage and they have wasted their money. The insurance company can not and will not pay any claims arising out of any incidents with a vehicle that does not belong to to the policyholder. Purchase your own insurance. It is a legally binding contract in which you state that you own the vehicle and that you have listed all household members and/or drivers and that you agree to notify the insurance carrier of any changes to such.

Got a ticket for speeding 22mph on rental car. don't have personal auto insurance. I am listed seprately from my family and am not on their insurance policy. will they find out?

That's a first. I have never heard of any insurance paying for a speeding ticket. The person driving is responsible regardless of it being a rental car or not.