Can you live without a bladder?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Yes but you would have a catheter, a tube, and a bag with you at all times to collect the urine. With no place to store it the urine will constantly run out of the tube into the bag.

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Q: Can you live without a bladder?
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How many organs can you live without?

you can live without your bladder lungs small intestine

What Is What if your liver and Gall Bladder?

I don't understand your question but if you are asking what are the functions of your liver and gall bladder the liver in simple terms filters out toxins from your body and the gall bladder aids in this process, the gall bladder is not a vital organ therefore you can live without it

Can a person live without a bladder?

yes but you would have to walk around with a bag with urine and have a tube were the urine comes from the kidneys

What does the bladder do Do do you need it?

Your bladder acts as a reservoir to store urine until such time as it is convenient to discharge it. Although there would be the inconvenience and embarassment of the continual discharge of urine that would occur without a bladder, the body can function quite well without it.

What is the function of a swim bladder as found in a bony fish?

swim bladder is what helps the fish stay afloat without the swim bladder a fish would simply sink duhhh

What organ can you live without?

A human can live with one lung, one kidney, without a spleen, appendix, uterus, testicles, ovaries. Recently a young girl in Tennessee lived three months without a heart. It was replaced by a machine outside of her body.

What organs can you not have to live?

one kidney, one lung, bladder, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen. but sometimes it can cause problems

Can a German Shepherd survive bladder cancer?

how long can german shephard live with bladder cancer with no treatments like chemotherapie or surgery

What might happen if your bladder lacked sphincter muscles?

if you didnt have a bladder it would become impossible to urinate because the bladder filters the liquids you consume in you body. So without it you will really be hurt. take care of your bladder(bladder stones are painful)

What does it mean when your bladder is weak?

First obvious sign of someone having a weak bladder is always needing to visit the toilet, as people with a weak bladder cannot hold in their urine. Sometimes due to the weak bladder urine will leak through, without realizing. People with weak bladder have little control over their own bladder, therefore causes the leakage.

What will happen if the person has no urinary bladder?

the urine will go out automatically without preventing it

Why can the alligator gar live in muddy water?

Its bladder can act as a lung when needed.