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Its your $$$ now !!! you can do with it what you want. * If the home is not still under a mortgage contract the homeowner is not obligated to use insurance funds for repairs of the property. However, if repairs are not done the insurance provider can refuse any claim if the flooring or adjoining structure is damaged further. If the home is still mortgaged repairs must be made as the lender would have to sign the insurance check as well as the homeowner/borrower. All mortgage contracts stipulate that the property must be kept in the same or better condition as it was when the property was purchased and lending agreement made. You could BUT that would be called insurance fraud... Lis@

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Q: Can you keep house insurance money instead of fixing a damaged floor?
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Will insurance cover a hot water heater?

Regular home owners insurance does not cover a water heater. If it leaked and damaged the floor, carpet, walls or furnishings, those would be covered, but not the heater.

Which insurance companies provide cover for blocks of flats?

1st Sure and Endsleigh websites both offer Blocks of flats insurance. It is a crucial insurance for landlords to protect their buildings against damaged caused by a variety of events from fire, floor to storms.

Should you wear slippers on tatami floor?

No, you should not, as the floor can be easily damaged.

How do I anchor steel shelving to the floor?

The best way to anchor steel shelving to the floor is with Ramset Dynabolts for concrete floors and Timber Floor Fixing Screws for wooden floors. If the depth is over four times the size of the height then the shelving shouldn't need fixing.

Standard height of wallmixer fixing from finished floor?

normally 650 mm

Why don't i have to ignore spills on the floor in the lab?

The floor may be damaged in contact with many chemicals.

If im renting a house that came with stove is landlord responsible for fixing stove?

The landlord should be responsible for everything in the house (example: Refrigerator, stove, water heater, floor, etc) if it was to not function properly or was damaged . But if it was neglected or abused by your actions, then it would be your responsibility.

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Fixing the space in drama is where you have a group of people and then you get into a shape on the floor and look at it from a Birdseye view. However, you also say that you have a LIMITED amount of space to do it in.

Can return air vents be put in the floor instead of the wall of a house?

Yes vents can be in the floor instead of the wall.

What type of insurance is needed for floor cleaning business?

Commercial General Liability Insurance.

How much does fixing a second floor bathroom leak from the bathtub usually cost?

It depends entirely on the extent of the damages.

Does insurance cover overflowed toilets that cause floor damage?

Depends what kind of insurance you have, car insurance probably won't