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Yes. In most cases, you can keep growing until you're aged 21.

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Q: Can you grow taller at age 16?
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How do people get taller?

You grow by your age

If you are 16 and already taller than your parents can you grow taller?

It depends upon genetics. Some people will grow again taller and some will stop growing.

How can you grown taller at age of 18?

Buy the grow taller 4 idiots guide!!

Are there things like medical treatments from a doctor that can make you get taller at 16 years old?

i beilive not because at age 16 you start grorwing and u grow more in to puberty.

Can I get taller when I'm 18?

Most females reach their adult height by the time they are 16 years of age. However, evidence does show that males can continue to grow until the age of 25-30.

What are the ways of getting taller at the age of 16?

only God can make you get taller! Loving your size is all you can do!

Do you continue to grow after age 13?

Yes you will, I am 17 and I am still getting taller.

I am 22 of age I want to grow tall 4 to 5 inches in 2 yearswill I grow taller How?

The average age when girls stop growing is between 16 to 17, and the average age when boys stop growing is 18 to 19. However it is possible, some people continue to grow until their mid-twenties.

Can i grow taller before 16?

yes. everyone grows taller every year unless there's something seriously wrong.

Can a boy will get taller after 24 of age?

why not,surely he will grow,if he do the exercise and maintain a proper diet

When do mini schnauzers start to grow taller?

They grow from birth to about one year of age. After that they only gain or lose weight.

What is a growth sprout?

A growth sprout is when you reach a certain age, and you grow taller by more than usual. It can usally happen between the ages of 10-16. It happened to me when I was 11. xD