Can you get lead posioning

Updated: 9/20/2023
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yes you can

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Q: Can you get lead posioning
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Is paralytic shellfish posioning contagious?


How do you get cadmium posioning?

Using Mcdonalds Shreak cups.

What can cause animal poisoning?

A number of things can cause animal poisoning. Things like lead paint, insecticides, chocolate, rat and mouse poisons, gasoline, and much more can cause posioning.

What is lead posioning?

Lead poisoning is a medical condition, also known as saturnism, plumbism or painter's colic, caused by increased blood lead levels. Lead may cause irreversible neurological damage as well as renal disease, cardiovascular effects, and reproductive toxicity.

Can you get water posioning?

kinda. to make sure you need to cook it

What can you do for food posioning?

see a doctor, donot induce vomitting

What can you do if you have lead posioning?

Smaller amounts of lead in the system can cause pretty basic symptoms like headache, nausea, and muscluar weakness. A large dose of lead at once or smaller doses over time can cause more severe symptoms like high blood pressure, nervouse system damage, loss of cognitive ability, and death. Lead poisoning can be treated.

How can you prevent food posioning?

You can cook the food or keep it in the fridge or freezer

What protein foods can easily give you food posioning?

Fishy eggs

Can you kiss someone who might have arsenic posioning?

Uh probably not a good idea to lol no

What is posioning?

is a medical condition caused by increased levels of the Heavy_metal_(chemistry) Leadin the body.

What are the risk linked with working with uranium?

radation posioning and other very bad things will happen ...