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The question is unclear. If the repossession agent broke into a garage or other structure to secure a vehicle, then he is in violation of law, state and federal law. This being the case, you would do as you would for any other breaking and entering the police and file charges.

Additionally, if this is the case, you would hire a civil litigator to file a claim in state and federal courts against the driver, anyone who was with him at the time, and the company that employs him for violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) and pertinent state laws. The federal law permits at least $50,000 in court cost, $50,000 in legal fees, and substantial punitive damages. Not to mention, a vehicle repossessed in such a scenario has been wrongfully repossessed and must be returned at no cost to you.

If the vehicle was simply repossessed because you failed to honor the loan contract, then there was no breaking and entering, and you have no recourse.

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Q: Can you file breaking and entering repossession in nc?
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