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Q: Can you exclude a driver in household in PA?
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Do you have to list all driver in the household?

Yes, if they are a risky driver and will raise your rates, you may want to exclude them.AnswerNo. Only those who are allowed to drive the vehicle.

If a person is insured with another company why do you have to exclude them from your policy?

I think that if a person is insured and lives in the same household than you shouldn't have to exclude them from driving your car if they are a relative

If your license has been revoked can you get auto insurance for a financed car by listing your boyfriend who is licensed as the driver and yourself as a non-driver?

If your licensed has been revoked, you can make him rated driver on the vehicle, (if he lives in the household) and you as a non driver. You don't want lienholder to enforce insurance on it,,or it will be very high. Yes you can. Your insurance company may want you to formally exclude yourself from coverage.

Will a parent's insurance go up with a new driver in the household if the new driver has their own insurance?

PROBABLY not if they specifically EXCLUDE that driver on their own policy. However, this will be an underwriting function and the underwriter could indeed raise the rate even if the parents exclude him/her. If the new driver has their own policy, though, the parents policy would AT MOST, only provide excess coverage. This excess coverage COULD (and probably WOULD) become available if a loss exceeds the policy limits of the new driver. So this fact may prevent the parents' rate being raised. HOWEVER, there is still the fact that, given there is another vehicle in the same household of the new driver, the likelihood that at some point in time they will drive that vehicle is really considered quite high.

Can an insurance company make the policy holder sign off a household member - meaning that a specific member of the household is not allowed to drive any of the vehicles same policy?

In a sense Yes, The company can require that you either add the other household member to your policy and pay any additional premium, or you can exclude them. It's your decision. If you don't want to exclude them and you also don't want to pay the addtional premium to cover them then the company can legitimately cancel your policy for failure to declare the driver as either covered or excluded. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Requiring the insurer to allow you to do neither is tantamount to requiring them to provide coverage for free to your other houshold driver. If your argument is that that this houshold member has insurance of there own, then there should be no problem for you to exclude them since they have their own insurance, right? == ==

Can you drive in pa with a pa learner permit?

You can if you have a licensed driver with you, who is over 21.

Does your auto insurance company have to cover your son's accident even if he's not listed as a household driver?

No he have to listed as a second third or household driver for being cover by insurance

What state would give you a driver's license if your driver's license get suspended in Pa?


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How many cats are permitted in one household in Pa?

The amount of cats that are permitted in one household in the state of PA is 5. However, a person can only have 5 cats or dogs total. Otherwise is can become a nuisance or hazard.

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