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Yes, food cooked in iron pots takes iron from the cookware, and people eating the good absorb some of it.

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Q: Can you consume iron from cast iron pot?
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Is a large cast iron pot that is used for outdoor bean dinners cleaned the same way as a regular cast iron pot?


When is a cast iron pot too old?

I love cast iron pots. If you keep them clean they are never too old.

Should a cast iron pot or dutch oven be seasoned with oil in the same way as a cast iron skillet?


What is a potjie pot made of?

made of pure cast iron and flaxseed oil

How much is a 100 gallon antique cast iron pot worth?


Can you put a cast iron pot in the fridge?

Yes. But the handle might get in the way a bit

Is it healthy to cut in an iron pot Someone told me you can actually get your dialy amount of iron by cooking with an iron pot.?

Generally, just using an iron pot to cook will provide you with an adequate amount of iron. Cutting in you iron pot is not advisable as it can be dangerous.

Why are pots made of iron?

SO they don't melt on the stove. Also they are durable, good conductors of heat. Copper pans are much more expensive, and so are cast iron ones.

What is the value of a cast iron wash pot made by A Baldwin?

Depends on the condition and the year it was made in.

What is the difference between a normal skillet and a cast iron skillet?

It depends on what you want to do with the skillet. A deep cast iron pot is idea for deep frying, while a more shallow skillet is best for frying or baking.

What is a 'Dutch oven'?

A Dutch oven is a cooking pot made out of iron (or, usually, cast iron), and with a tight-fitting lid.

How do you keep chili from sticking to pot while simmering?

Stir it occasionally or use a heavy (cast iron) pot. A heavy pot will heat more evenly so food will stick less.