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Yes, since ecstasy is not a contraceptive.

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Q: Can you conceive while on ecstasy?
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How do you get an irection while on ecstasy?

If u can get an erection while on ecstasy, then ur not on enough ecstasy.

Can you take ecstasy while on your period?

Whoever you are, you should not be taking ecstasy, no matter when.

How can Ecstasy be enhanced?

Ecstasy is a hallucinogen, and so is marijuana, so, smoking weed while on Ecstasy will enhance the high. Alcohol should be avoided, as it will kill the Ecstasy high.

Should you receive hepatitis vaccine while trying to conceive?

Yes, you can still receive the hepatitis vaccine while you are trying to conceive. It will not interfere with your menstrual cycle or the ability to conceive a child.

Can you conceive while on your cycle?


Can you conceive another baby while in your first trimester?


Fever while on ecstasy?

Possibly, it can raise body temperature.

What is good music to listen to while on ecstasy?

Happy hardcore

Can one conceive while having spleen infection?


How can you conceive while on depo?

Hopefully, you will not conceive while you are on depo, since it is a drug that you should not have while pregnant since it may cause birth defects. Wait until you have a good home situation before becoming pregnant.

Why does ecstasy shrink your penis while on the drug?

it doesnt! ---- Many people say its harder to get an erection when on ecstasy. Also, it is much harder to orgasm. yes it does!

Do you see stuff when you are on ecstasy?

Taking ecstasy can make one see things that are not really there in reality. Some people who have taken ecstasy claim to have seen angels and demons standing in front of them. Some say that ecstasy just makes them sensitive to certain lighting. However, ecstasy's effects on people vary greatly. Some do not feel ecstasy, while some feel it greatly.