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If you or she are of legal drinking age yes.

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Q: Can you buy your spouse an alcoholic drink in a restaurant if they are 20-year-old or younger?
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Can a spouse receive social security on their spouse that is younger and not retired?

No. Your spouse can receive them and you can receive them, but you have no right to theirs.

How a recovering alcoholic manipulates the sober spouse?

Alcoholics can manipulate a spouse through the use of guilt, shame and other emotions.

Can you get life insurance rates cheaper by insuring the younger spouse and adding on the older spouse?

I haven't see that feature, but ask your agent.

What is the success rate for recovery for an alcoholic whose spouse still drinks?

the success rate is very low

What a woman experiences when she leaves an alcoholic spouse?

Each individual woman who leaves her alcoholic spouse feels differently. Some women still love their husbands, but can't take seeing them drunk; possibly losing jobs because of it or costing them friends. Some women are happy they have left an alcoholic spouse because they may have been verbally or physically abused. Then there are some women who are elated to be rid of their alcoholic spouse. If children are involved it can cause financial stress on the woman trying to raise them if the alcoholic husband can not hold down a job; in and out of jail or spends most of their time in a bar. This leaves the woman to find work (some women may have little experience in the workforce) and it is a struggle, but many women manage to get through it. It far better to take the children out of such an environment.

Can you drink if underage if married to someone 21 or older in Texas?

yes as long as the club, restaurant, or bar allows you to and you have to be in direct view of your spouse and ur spouse has to order it

In a joint annuity can payments be made to an annuitant if the spouse is younger than fifty nine and one half?

Perhaps, if the spouse who is 59 and a half is the principle owner, contact them, or read the conditions.

What is brother in law Japanese?

"gikei (義兄)" or "giri no ani (義理の兄)" for a brother in law who married to your older sister or who is your spouse's older brother. "gitei (義弟)" or "giri no otouto (義理の弟)" for a brother in law who married to your younger sister or who is your spouse's younger brother.

What happens when you die at 25 without a will in California and you have no children or spouse father has been an absent parent mother is an alcoholic grandmother raised the child?

I'd say your life sucks.

In a present day Chinese village which situation illustrates the influence of traditional Confucian beliefs?

Younger people respect their parents' wishes when choosing a spouse.

How do you gain confidence after a cheating spouse ruins your life?

Find someone that exceeds your previous spouse's qualities- in other words, find someone who is far better, sweeter, kinder, more loving- than them. Dating someone younger would also make them angry- and you, happy. =)

Except having an affair what are the sign if your spouse is experiencing a mid life crisis?

If your spouse is going through a mid life crisis the signs are: Changing their hair style; more up-to-date clothing or clothing they would not generally wear and often will buy clothing meant for the younger people; possible face surgery or plastic surgery to other parts of the body; hanging around with people younger than themselves.