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No. You are unable to play the role of a pup in WolfQuest either in single player or mutli-player.

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Q: Can you be a pup in multiplayer on wolfquest episode 2?
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Where to get wolfquest 2?

WolfQuest Episode 2 actually isn't out yet. It is expected to come out late 2009. (Maybe December!) But I'm just as exited! Hope you can sleep without dying with exitement! you will have to wait like the rest of us,unless you can hack in there system.

Where do you download WolfQuest episode 2?

You download if from wolfquest.orgWolf quest 2 is out now! Go to Wolf quest. com and its there.Also wolf quest 3 is cooming so. Hope this helps.

You what to domwnload wolfquest 2?

u download it from the wolfquest websiteand it's coming out this spring

How much does multi-player cost on WolfQuest?

For Mac and Windows, $10 gets you the whole game: Episode 2: Slough Creek, multiplayer, a WQ account key, Lost River, all coats and customizations. For mobile devices, in-app purchases can be purchased separately for $3.99 -- this gets you multiplayer, a WQ account key, Episode 2: Slough Creek and Lost River, but none of the new wolf coat packs or body customizations.There is no recurring (weekly, monthly or yearly) charge. Buying the game is a one-off transaction unless your account ends up banned or disabled by the WolfQuest Team for rule-breaking. You would have to buy the game again to receive a new account key if this happens.Edit: I would like to add that at the time this answer was provided (June 2017) this was valid. In late 2017 and perhaps from 2018 onwards, this has the potential to change.

How do you take a screenshot on wolfquest?

press the F1 key. The screenshots are stored in My Documents\WolfQuest2 This info was in a manual found at C:\Program Files\WolfQuest\WolfQuest 2 Manual.pdf

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Will WolfQuest 2.5 have multipliler?

Yes If Wolf Quest Episode 2 Has Multiplayer Maybe So Will Wolf Quest 2.5

Where can you find Wolfquest episode 1?

You can get episode 1 and 2 at the Wolfquest page linked below.

What is second quest in wolfquest?

There is only 1 wolfquest quest in wolfquest episode 1 but in wolfquest episode 2 coming this December 2009 there will be multiple quests!

How do you be mates on wolfquest 2 player?

Mates are not allowed on Multiplayer.

What are the unlockable bonuses in wolfquest 2?

A fourth den and a white pup

How do you find a mate on WolfQuest Episode 2 Slough Creek?

you cant you can find a mate in wolfquest episode 1. i think in wolfquest 2.5 you can but i dont know

How many pups will you get in WolfQuest episode 2?

In WolfQuest you have four pups. This is a set number and is unchangeable.

Is wolfquest episode 2 out?

No it comes out in 09 End of August.

What happens if your exp points get the highest on wolfquest 2 survival of the pack?

1. You can get the secret den. 2. You get an albino pup.

On WolfQuest how do you go into 2-player mode?

If you mean do you get multiplayer on wolf quest 2 then yes you do. I haven't played on multiplayer myself but it looks really fun. Good luck and happy gaming! :) :) :)

When will wolfquest episode 2 come out?

jan. 1st 10:00 central time

When is WolfQuest episode 2 released?

Sometime in December, it is saidactually now the website says that it will be in august