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You can add your roommate to your auto policy as a driver but you cannot add their vehicle to your policy. You cannot insure a vehicle you do not own and since you have no legal relationship with a roommate you cannot add a vehicle they own to your policy. You do have an obligation to add them as a driver on your policy if they ever drive your car.

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Q: Can you add your roommate on your car insurance?
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What can I do- I live in GA. Contract for my roommate to buy my used car was made. Title and insurance is in my name-with roommate added as a driver. roommate has moved-not paying-what can i do?

If the contract is legal and binding then repo the car. You can hire a repo company.

Can you add your grandson to your car insurance policy?

Yes, you can add your grandson to your car insurance policy. Speak to your insurance broker.

Do your parents have to add you to their insurance when you get your permit?

Answer If you don't have your own car and you are going to be driving their car, yes they have to add you to their car insurance or you won't be covered..

Can you add a driver to your car insurance?

yes ,you can add driver's name in your insurance policy.

Do you need car insurance in all states?

That depends on exactly what you mean, but the answer is probably yes. If you drive, but do not own a car (or live in a household where anyone owns a car), you may not need car insurance. For example, a college student living with roommates, without a car, is covered by his/her roommate's car insurance if they borrow the car every once in a while (assuming the roommate has automobile insurance). If you are renting a car and do not have automobile insurance, you can purchase temporary insurance through the car rental company for the duration that you have the car. Also, most insurance companies are required to cover any accidents that occur during a temporarily lapsed policy (if you are a week late renewing your insurance, for example). In almost any other circumstance, if you are anywhere in the United States and you are on the road behind the wheel of a car, it is a serious crime to be driving a car without insurance.

Can you add a child to your insurance policy to cover their car?

Yes, you can add the child and the car

Do you have to add your 16 year old to your car insurance?

I heard you do not have to add your 16 year old to your car insurance policy since he/she will only be driving your insured car. Is this true?

If you get a new car and you have insurance on another car is the new car covered or not?

It is not automatically covered. You must call your insurance company and add the car to your policy.

Your roommate hurts himself on your property is he coverd by homeowners insurance?

I am a homeowner and have a roommate. Can they sue me if they get hurt on my property?

Do you have to add kids to car insurance policy?


Where can one purchase car insurance liability?

You can purchase car liability insurance from the same company you get your regular car insurance from. If you are a new car insurance customer, ask your agent to add liability insurance to your plan.

How do you get car insurance with a learners permit?

You must either have a driver's license or be insured under a licensed driver's insurance. If you are a minor, your parents can add you to their car insurance.