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If the insured elects to do the work themselves, profit is not usually included in the estimate. Insurance policies are not in place to profit the insured. They are to make the insured whole again. Overhead would be included.

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Q: Can you act as your own general contractor and receive overhead and profit when filing an insurance claim?
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What is the typical profit margin for new residential construction?

Generally a contractor who builds a house for a customer can expect to receive 15% profit and 15% overhead. Generally that is on the high end though and can vary by region. Generally a contractor who builds a house for a customer can expect to receive 15% profit and 15% overhead. Generally that is on the high end though and can vary by region.

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Workman's Comp is for employees. If you are the owner and operator, you need standard health insurance. Health insurance won't pay for your lost wages, won't pay survivor benefits, and if you receive a serious injury, who will pay for your health insurance? Comp has lifetime medical benefits for injuries, and it doesn't depend on future premiums. A less expensive option is Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability - they aren't the same as Comp, but they can meet your needs. Talk to your independent insurance agent and your (General) Contractor. Also, many states are "ladder states," meaning liability goes up the ladder until someone can pay, so your (General) Contractor is probably right in requiring you to either have Comp or take it out of your pay so he can carry it for you. Some states REQUIRE him to do this.

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Yes. In order to receive contractor license bonds, you must first be licensed which will require certification classes.

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Can you withhold payment if you fire the contractor?

That completely depends on the contract you signed with them. First you need to determine if you have the legal right to terminate the contractor as per the contract. Generally one of the three conditions have to be met: the contractor is court ordered into bankruptcy, makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors due to contractors insolvency, or a court appoints a receiver to the contractor Secondly, the contractor is entitled to receive funds for the work he has reasonably completed to date. I would get advise from a lawyer before the contractor slaps a lien on the property and before you know it there is a legal demand before the courts to have your house sold to pay the unpaid invoice

Can a separated spouse receive money from a home insurance claim they refuse to pay on?

Refused to pay on? What type of claim is it? Only the legal owner of the property can receive compensation for a property loss. Homeowners Insurance claims are typically expected to be used to repair the property. It's often paid directly to the contractor performing the repairs so the insured property owners may never actually see the check.