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Well this is a tricky answer... The two front fenders will fit on the DJ5. Obviously you can't install any kind of fender flares on the rear wheel wells due to the sliding doors. As for the grill, the DJ5 had 5 grill slots and the CJ5 has the signature 7 grill slots. I would imagine that it will fit no matter the side that the steering wheel is located because the entire engine compartment was designed for left or right side drive. Look at any CJ 5, 7 or 8... there are areas on the firewall that can be "punched" for that very reason.

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Q: Can the fenders and grille from a 82 CJ Jeep be used for replacements on a 82 DJ5 right hand drive Jeep?
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Will a nose from a 1970 Chevelle fit a 1972 Chevelle?

It will bolt right on. You WILL need a headlight wiring harness from a 1970 as well since the '70 has 4 headlights instead of two like the 1972 does. A friend of mine did it. You cange the whole front (fenders hood grille etc.) and throw a 1970 rear bumper on and your 72 is now a 70. Your friend changed more parts than he needed to. The fenders and hood are identical from 1970-1972. The only body parts that are different are the headlight buckets, grille, and bumpers. Now you certainly can change everything, but it's not necessary.

What is bumper grille?

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Will 22's fit on my Bonneville?

yep, with a little lift and rolling the fenders. Oh yeah and the right tires

Will a 1994 Chevy C10 grille fit on a 1988 Chevy C10?

Yes it should bolt right in

How do you pop hood on 1989 Pontiac grand am with broken hood latch?

the hardest part is getting to the latch. You maybe able to get to it by reaching up behind the bumper or wedge a screwdriver between the hood and the top of the grille. The grille has 2 plastic tabs on top of the grille that hold it in. There are also 2 tabs on the bottom of the grille. Use the screwdriver to depress the top tabs to release the grille. Remove grille. Use your hand to follow hood latch cable to find the latch. Pull the lever attached to the cable to your right. This should release the main locking latch.

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How do you open the hood to a 1970 dodge dart?

look between the top of the grille and the hood and there is a lever that you push to the right.

Removing speaker grill from 2005 Ford F-150?

The Speaker Grille will pop right off with a screwdriver...just don't yank it right off...

How do you remove the grille on a 2007 Chevy Cobalt?

remove all retaining clips and loosen transvecular joint be careful not to damage the wobbler shaft then gain access to the lower grille by the muffler bearing right beside the canooter valve

Will a 2000 or newer front bumper grille and headlights bolt right up to a 94 s-10?

NO, not even close.

How do you remove front bumper 1997 Chevy s-10?

Open the hood and remove the grille. The grille will have about 5 7mm, short bolts. Once all fasteners are removed, slide the grille either to the left or right. It will take some persistence, but be gentle. Once removed the bumper can be removed by removing the torx screws. \ It is a simple job.

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