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Absolutely. Say you have an 18 year old in your house that you have not listed on your auto insurance. You allow your child to drive your vehicle and they have an At Fault accident that causes damage and/or injuries to another vehicle. Your insurance company probably will not pay for the claim because you have not been paying premiums to have the 18 year old covered on your policy so they deny coverage. At this point you will still be personally responsible for the damage and injuries. The other parties insurance may pay their damages under their uninsured motorist coverage after which they will sue you personally for reimbursement of all amounts they had to pay due to your lie. If they have to go to court to collect you will also have to pay all legal fees, collection costs, and interest as well. Depending on your state laws and regulations you will often times loose your drivers license until it is paid in full. My advice is if you expect your insurance company to pay when you have a claim then pay them the correct premiums and don't lie to them.

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Q: Can the auto insurance policy holder be held accountable for an accident caused by one of the drivers in their policy?
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Does you auto insurance go up if someone with a drivers permit was driving your car and caused an accident while you were with them?

Boy does it ever. You should be sitting down when you get the letter from your insurance company. Sorry!

What is the purpose of the Motor Insurance Bureau?

The Motor Insurance Bureau is a bureau that helps victims of automobile accidents caused by uninsured drivers. Your insurance premium funds the bureau, and they use the funds to pay out compensation should you be in an accident where the other involved party is uninsured.

Why do insurance companies test for drugs after an accident?

Because the accident could have been caused by the use of drugs.

Are you still at fault if the other person does not have insurance?

Yes, If the accident was your fault, then it is your fault. Whether or not they have insurance has nothing to do with who's at fault, or who actually caused the accident.

Accident are caused by drivers between 16-24?

Accidents are not caused by us 16-24 years of age

What are the basic rules of car insurance in Massachussets?

Basically, you have to pay for insurance. If you get into an accident, you are at least partly responsible for the damage that accident caused, whether or not you were at fault. Insurance helps to pay for that damage.

Do you call your insurance company if you caused damage?

It is advisable to call your insurance company immediately in any accident. If you do not, they may think that you are trying to defraud them by hiding the accident.

How does car insurance work after an accident?

The way car insurance works after an accident is that a report must be made to the insurance company. They will review it and then decide what you new insurance cost will be. Answer: Accidents need to be reported to your insurance company as soon as possible whether you or someone else caused the accident. If police were called to the scene then you must obtain a copy of the police report as well to be sent to your insurance company. All of this if you plan to file the insurance claim through your or the other drivers insurance. Some have accidents but the repairs are so minor that they pay out of pocket rather than getting the insurance companies involved.

How do you get an accident claim against own car when the car is fully insured?

Report the accident to your insurance company. If this was a single car accident - meaning yours- your insurance will have to pay for the repairs minus your deductible. If another party caused the accident you need to turn their insurance information over to your company and they will take it from there.

Can you claim on someone's insurance for an accident caused due to them parking on a corner blocking view of road?

If they were not parked illegally then they are not responsible for your accident.

If a friend is driving your Car with no Insurance or License and get in an accident what the worst that can happen?

Your vehicle was or was not insured? If neither the vehicle nor driver have any insurance, both the owner of the uninsured vehicle and driver will be held accountable for the damages caused/owed. Fines, loss of license and plates, etc. with more detailed information I could be of more assistance.

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Probably not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter's fault, then the at fault party is responsible for the damage they caused to your vehicle, regardless if the other party was licensed or not.