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Q: Can taking a bath mean your sitting in your own dirting bathwater?
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What is blessed bathwater?

it is just normal bath water

What is a bath bomb?

A bath bomb is a mixture of chemicals which effervesces when wet, and is used to add scent and colour to bathwater.

What are bath salts?

Bath salts are any of a group of inorganic salts which are sometimes added to bathwater.

Can you die from not taking a bath?

No, not if the bathwater is normal temperature and the tub was not just shoved out of an airplane. Animals live just fine without taking baths. In fact, your skin might be healthier if you don't take baths, which wash off the natural gamma globulin that protects your skin from infection.

Can a dog die from taking a hot bath?

It depends, obviously if the bath was very hot then, unfortunately, the dog would die. Consider this: If you can take a bath in the temperature that you want the dog to take without getting hurt, then its good for the dog. (And also it can die from drowning, of course, but i don't think thats what you mean) Answer Certainly the bathwater should not exceed 100 degrees, just as for a human. Scalding the skin can lead to pain and infection.

Taking a bath after biting venomous snake?

taking a bath after he bited a venomous snakes?what's the effect.

Is taking a bath after cooking safe?

Yes, taking a bath is always safe, just not always necessary.

What is the passive voice of he is taking bath?

The passive equivalent is "A bath is being taken by him."

What does la bain mean?

It means 'the bath'. (the act of taking a bath, not bathtub which is baignoir)

What time most of the people taking bath in the world?

Bath time!

What is the passive of he is taking bath?

The passive equivalent is "A bath is being taken by him."

Why is it dangerous to use an electric shaver while taking a bath?

why is it dangerous to use electirc shaver while taking a bath